All Dressed Up In Drag, To Seduce A Tight Young Teen

For a long time, I’ve been wondering what it must be like for a man to seduce a sexy young teen girl. It must be so much more difficult for them than it is for me. I know I can get anyone I want with zero effort. Whether they’re a girl or a man. It seemed like such a challenge because you’re not guaranteed to succeed. I wanted to know if I could pull it off and decided to see just how good I can be at being a guy women throw themselves at.

I went online and spent some time looking up videos of women transforming themselves into men using nothing, but a bit of makeup and clothing. It seemed simple enough if you took your time. I made sure to get all the details so I spent all afternoon turning into Victor. I bound my breasts down flat, slicked my hair back and rummaged through my closet until I found some old clothes. It was only a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt but it hid my curves well and when I threw on a baseball cap I swear I looked like a 19-year-old boy.

Next, I went to a busy club full of barely legal beauties and practiced my voice as I drove there.

That’s when I found a low, sexy confident tone that worked well and couldn’t wait to get started. I scanned the bar and spotted a girl leaning against the counter. She was wearing a short dress and it was riding up her ass she bent forward to take a sip. She was hot and I noticed a few other guys checking her out so I went over there before they could have a chance at her. I bought her a drink while making sure to keep my face slightly tilted away from her. I did that so I’d be a bit more in the shadows.

She thanked me for her drink and told me her name was Sophie. She said it with a little laugh and put her hand on my arm, stroking me as I moved closer to her. Our bodies touched and I asked her what she was doing here alone. A pretty girl like her should be fighting off the men. I put my arm around her and rubbed her ass as she answered me. We made small talk for awhile and I tried not to be too nervous when I asked if she wanted to go somewhere more private.

She smiled at me and I grabbed her hand as butterflies filled me.

I took this young teen to the upper level of the club and found a quiet corner where I could push her up against a wall. I kissed her hard as I slid my hand up her dress and breathed in her perfume. She moaned and parted her legs as I slipped between them and I pushed my fingers into her panties. I stroked her outer lips then slid a finger inside. I then started cupping her pussy as I pumped it in and out of her. She got wetter as I used my other hand to squeeze her breast and I fingered her faster.

I moved my finger up and found her clit, rubbing it in circles as she wiggled on me. She grazed my lip as she threw her head back and I shoved a hand over her mouth, smothering her to keep her quiet as she came hard. I slid my fingers out of her and she tried to catch her breath as she pushed down her dress, covering herself up.

I’m not the type to waste pussy juice and I licked my fingers clean as excitement rushed through me.

I couldn’t believe I had just done that and I headed back to the dance floor to see if I could score again.  Are you looking for a powerful woman who can seduce you, seduce your wife? How about a dirty bitch who loves a hot young teen just as much as you do? Either way, I am the broad for you!

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