I had a really sexy sissy cuckold phone call last night..

It turned me on so much that I had to write a blog about it. Whether it be sadistic or sensual, sissy cuckold role play is one of my favorite kind of calls to do. I love dressing a guy up and then making him watch me take cock while he strokes his dick through his panties. Black mini dress, sheer black stockings, a red thong, matching red bra and a pair of bright red stiletto heels. I want my sissy slut to look smoking hot! I only fuck with sexy girls (such as myself :P)

Love watching my sissy stroke her cock through her stockings. Running her fingers over her dick, playing with the head of her “clitty” until she’s moaning. It doesn’t take much to turn her on when there’s a big fat cock sliding in and out of me. But she’s not allowed to reach inside of her thong until I say so, for now I hold her face right up to my pussy as I am getting pounded reverse cowgirl.

“Suck my clit, BITCH!”

By now she’s begging to lick the cream pie from my pussy, but I’m going to do one better. She’s been such a good little sissy cuckold I’m gonna let her receive that cum straight from the source. I throw her down on the bed, rip a hole in her black stocking and pull her thong to the side. She’s gonna take dick in her tight little pussy until he explodes.

Like I said, I only fuck with the best– so ride that dick good, sissy cuckold! Show him what your mistress taught you and work that tight little boy pussy up and down his shaft until he can’t hold it anymore.

… and don’t forget to say “Thank you, The Queen!”


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