I Would Get Some Draining Thick BBC Sex


There I was in the mall yesterday and something so nasty happened in the dressing room of Target! Honestly,  I had no idea that going to the mall would get me some draining thick BBC sex. There I was at the mall shopping for some new panties when I noticed a BBC stud staring at me. I couldn’t help myself but want to get his attention.

Quickly, I shuffled through the different thongs looking for the right one. Making sure I was placing them right up against my perfect pelvis right there in front of him and his friends. I could tell they were all checking me out. Grabbing a couple of pairs; I headed over to the dressing room. Quickly, I then went into the room put on a pair of bright red thong panties, and then popped out of the dressing room to show all these studs. Not knowing that one of those studs would give me some hot draining thick BBC sex.

I Went Into The Dressing Room But Did Not Shut That Door


I got their full attention now. They were checking me out with just those panties on. Quickly, I then motioned for them to come closer. Honestly, I wanted them to get a full look at my perfect body. I loved guys checking me out like this! All their eyes are on me. I told them I would go and try another pair on for them. I went into the dressing room but did not shut that door. Honestly,  I wanted them to see me changing.

As I changed out of the pair I gave my perfect ass a little shake for them. They were getting to see my perfect smooth pussy and ass. Quickly, I then pulled up a pair of silk see-through thong panties. Shaking my hips, I then came out of the dressing room and did a little twirl around them. These big black studs were licking their lips and even biting on their lips now. They all want to give me that draining thick BBC sex.

After that, I then told them that I wanted to get fucked in this changing room. That made some of their mouths drop wide open. They had never heard a girl say they just wanted to get fucked bad. Looking at each other they quickly decided who would get to fuck me. The biggest stud came up to me and said I would love to smash that sweet little pussy.

I Just Wanted To Give Him That Draining Thick BBC Sex


Looking up at him he was so much taller than me, I looked so tiny compared to this huge BBC stud. This stud would destroy and stretch out this sweet little pussy. Gripping my hips, he then grabbed me around my hips and lifted me into his arms. This BBC stud then started to kiss me passionately right there in the dressing room, He didn’t even shut the door. I think he wanted all his friends to see him smash this pussy.

I had an audience now and they were all watching us. He then pulled my little body up over his head to where my pussy was right in his face. He could move me up and down on his face. This stud was licking and eating that pussy so good. I just wanted to give him that draining thick BBC sex. His tongue was so warm as it darted in and out of my teen pussy. This BBC then grabbed ahold of me and flipped me around to where my pussy was still in his face but my mouth was right at his cock.

I Was So Freaking Wet


He then told me to suck his cock in front of his friends. Gently, I then grabbed his cock right out of his pants. I then popped his huge thick BBC right into my mouth. Honestly, I wanted that cock deep in my mouth. Just wanting him to fuck me so hard and rough right in front of his friends. I was honestly wanting that smash my pussy sex. I wanted that stranger’s facial from BBC now.

He then grabbed me and pushed my body up against the wall pushing his cock right up against my clit lips. His cock slide right into my pussy I was so freaking wet he just slide right in. This draining thick BBC Sex was intense and wild. As he smashed me deep stretching me out. He would blow and breed this pussy.

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