Draining A Financial Domination Slave

One of my new clients called me for the second time a few days ago wanting financial domination phone sex. I already know exactly how to have the most control over a money slave like this guy. Of course when a financial domination loser gets’s to drinking he has absolutely no control over his submissive tendencies any longer. That’s one of the reasons that I love to mix financial domination and forced intoxication phone sex together often.

I know that on one level he wanted to walk away with at least some of his paycheck but on another level. He wanted to experience the feeling of a greedy Domme squeezing everything he had earned the last week right out of his wallet! In the end, we both knew that it was my decision what would happen and after a drink or two he was well on his way to spending it all!

So I slowly plucked it away, twenty dollar tip here, purchase more minutes there, and before he knew it all had been spent! I teased and he spent every last dime on his financial domination phone sex Goddess. All I could do was laugh at the pathetic money slave and tease him about how much fun I was going to have spent his entire check! I guess it’s not completely his fault, he just simply couldn’t bring himself to stop. It’s a good thing he had already bought himself gas and groceries for the week.

After I was finished draining his bank account he didn’t even have enough money left to buy a roll of toilet paper! Hahaha…

Then the little financial domination addicted loser actually started to wine a little bit about how he was broke and wouldn’t even be able to go out over the weekend or anything. I mean it’s not my fault that the Findom phone sex slave couldn’t resist me! Nobody forced the pay piggy to call me and then spend his entire paycheck on me! Perhaps this should be a good lesson to other money slaves out there, that if you come to play financial domination with me you are certain to leave with an empty wallet!

I also figured that since he wasn’t going to be going out this weekend that he might as well do something else to entertain me. So I had this money pig write me a paper about what all he had to do at work and for how long. I wanted to know exactly what my financial slave had to do to make the money that he spoiled me with. He had to write a list of all the things he would have to go without the next week since he was such a weak piggy who couldn’t say no to his new favorite, financial domination, phone sex Mistress!


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