Dr. Love gives the best examination.

Dr. Patient Role play gets hot and naughty with a sexy Nurse. My diagnosis is that I am Chronically addicted to sex, they said… I just think I was being adventurous and full of life living it up to my full sexual potential. I would do all kinds of risky things that’s why I’m at the Doctors office. Today I am getting my STD screening done. I want to know if I’m in the clear. So I get to the Dr.’s Office and I am in the room waiting for them to come in. You know that nurse that always comes in to check your vitals. Well, mine was a banging hot brunette with perfect tits.

My eyes wandered to her cleavage watching her tits bounce as she took my blood pressure, I bet mine was elevated. She caught me staring at her tits and gave me a brilliant smile.

The Dr. walked in He was a gorgeous older man with salt and pepper hair but his body was toned and I was betting more than anything that if I lifted his shirt his abs would be chiseled and perfect, Just like his muscular body.  I shifted where I was sitting grinding my pussy against the little examining table, well aware that I was completely naked under this tasteless blue johnny (outfit they make you put on at the Dr. Office). “Hello I’m Dr. Love and I will be doing your examination today.”

He walked in the room and the second he saw me he stopped and eyed me up and down. “Lay back on the table and open your legs” his voice was almost a command.

I did as he asked I spread my legs and propped them on the stirrups. The nurse was setting things up and he was positioning himself so he could get the best look at my vagina as possible. He finished the test and as he took the awful duck thing out of my pussy he realized how wet I was. He started running his fingers along my pussy lips. Began finger fucking me as the nurse stood there and watched. My eyes closed my back arched god his fingers felt so good.

“Nurse could you please lock the door,” He said his breath husky. He pulled down his pants the only thing uncovered is his cock. He slid it in my soaking wet pussy and just started pumping his hips grinding balls deep inside my dripping wet cunt. His cock was Long and so hard he started gritting his teeth holding back his moans as his cock exploded inside my pussy.

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