So New year = new me. I started this year off with one of my old favorite pastimes, though: double penetration, aka “DP.” Ever tried it? It should probably be one of your new year’s resolutions if it isn’t already . . .

New years eve is a night for debauchery. As you can imagine, my slut-o-meter energy operates at an all-time high on nights like these. My favorite bar was throwing a New Years Eve party, so upon my arrival, I embarked on my (very, very possible) mission: find a one-night-stand (or two, hopefully) to fuck me into the new year. My five-inch red heels added even sexier curves to my ass, already looking flawless in my ultra-short skin-tight dress. It was the kind of dress that was so tight ripping was the ONLY way for me to get off. Get it off, I mean . . . slutever, right?

After dancing with my friends for an hour or so, I returned to the bar for vodka tonic #2. I felt someone looking at me, so I looked up — and locked eyes with a tall sexy man across the bar, his shirt slightly open to expose his jacked (but not too jacked) body. He sauntered over and sidled up to me before shout-whispering (it was loud, duh) in my ear:

“Hey there, I’m Matt. I must say, that dress looks like it only has one way of cumming off.”

“Wanna find out?” I winked at him, the smirk on my glossy red lips growing naughtier by the second.

He lived a block from the bar so it didn’t take long before I was pulling him through the doorway and onto the huge living room couch. I climbed on top of him and I could feel how hard his cock was through his pants. Suddenly we heard the front door open and a voice from the hallway.

“Hey Matt, just stopping by to pick something up…” the third party’s voice trailed off as he entered the living room and saw my smooth, perfect legs straddling Matt on the couch.

“So uh . . . this is my roommate Derrick.” Matt stammered nervously.

Derrick was even hotter than Matt. Naturally, I piped up to say there was no need for anyone to be embarrassed. Derrick mumbled something about “getting out of our way,” but I wasn’t having it.

“Why don’t you join us instead?” I said, leaning over to get up and give this handsome roommate a more-than-tempting-enough view of my tits.
Then I walked over to Derrick, pulling Matt around behind me. I started kissing Derrick, while Matt pressed his throbbing dick against my ass cheeks — almost completely exposed now as my tiny dress rode up further the harder Matt pressed against me.

So I could feel Derrick’s bulge getting harder as I started grinding into him, his breath changing, getting deeper. Pulled down both of their pants and instructed Derrick to rip my dress off.

“I love that tearing sound,” I said, giggling and shoving Matt back on the couch. I had really lucked out — his cock was easily 10 inches hard. It was standing straight up in the air, more than ready to slide inside my hungry slit. I sank down on top of him, forcing him to enter me slowly, while I looked right into his eyes. Nothing like eye contact with a stranger who just took you home to fuck . . . in my opinion, anyway!

He grabbed my tits and started squeezing my hard nipples. I reached behind me and stroked Derrick’s cock as Matt started to thrust deeper and faster inside of me, making me moan with pleasure. Derrick bent me over, slapped my ass with his hand, and spread my cheeks open. He took some lube out of a drawer somewhere behind us, squirted it in his hand, and rubbed it around my asshole. He leaned forward and teased my ass with his cock, rimming me with its head. Matt was still filling my pussy with his thick cock, but I wanted both of them inside me at once.

“Fuck my ass . . . fuck my ass NOW!” I moaned. He slid his throbbing dick inside, shoving me forward and thrusting Matt‘s thick cock further into my soaking wet pussy. It felt so amazing! I loved the feeling of my pussy AND ass filled with hard cock.

“Fuck me harder” I murmured between moans . . .

2016 = is the year you exxxplore your sexuality and push your limits even more. I can help you do all those things and more. Ready to cum find out how much more? Or are you ready to hear about how much I love double penetration? Maybe fantasize about what our hot double penetration fuck would be like? You know what to do . . . I’m right here, waiting for your call.


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