Double Trouble

Double Trouble Is What You Get When Roxy Finds A Hot Girl.  Barely legal with hot lips and a scrumptious ass! Naughty Roxy is ready to share her toy with you! Knowing how much I love to tease, she’s the perfect pawn in my game to get you more addicted. Throw in a little hypnosis, and it’s game on baby! Ready for double trouble Phone Sex? Roxy sure is!

Close those eyes and imagine that sweet young thing sitting in front of me on the bed. Those perky tits getting worked between Roxy’s fingers. And the voyeur in you wanting to watch every little naughty thing I do. Stroke that cock! And stroking is just what my voyeur will do isn’t it! Not wanting Roxy to take your naughty time away, you’ll do just what I ask.

Loving the way your eyes widen as my fingers slip down her tan stomach, heading right for those cotton panties. Want a treasure to take with you? Those panties can be yours IF you do as your told.  In fact, a double prize could be yours!  Edge for me until I allow you to release, and you can have my panties and her’s! Wearing one on your face and another wrapped around your throbbing cock.  Of course, you’ll love it!

They will both be dripping with our juice after we lock our pussy lips together and cum.

But before you get those two gifts, Roxy is going to see just how far I can push you! Surrounding you with porn playing and me taunting you with a teen treat! Look at that pretty pink box! Stroke that cock and watch me spread her lips. In a way, it’s like a twisted accomplice role play, but we are all willing partners, aren’t we! Are you ready to watch what I’m going to do next?

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