Double teamed by the duo next door turned my fantasy into reality.

Double teamed by two cocks or more has always turned me on, and when the father and son next door came over to give my pussy a work out I was more than eager to let it happen. It was so hot out yesterday, so I decided to take a little dip in our pool naked since no one was home. My next door neighbor has always been quite the pervert; always jerking off in his bedroom window watching me, but he’s hot as hell. And as for his son, let’s just say I’d fuck him in a heartbeat too.

I was laying there on my lounge chair sunning my bare body, ear buds in enjoying my music when I felt someone touch my foot. I jumped and opened my eyes, and there was Travis smiling down at me. The look in his eyes of pure lust, and his hands pushing on the inside of my knees startled me at first. ‘Oh Roxy, you dirty slut’, he smiled, ‘Today is your lucky day!’.  About that time I heard my side gate open, and as I looked over my shoulder I saw his son walking toward us. I could feel my nipples get hard, and that familiar tingle in my pussy.

I bit my bottom lip as they both slipped off their shorts. Then I let my legs fall open, letting my middle finger slip up my slit, rubbing my sensitive clit as I watched them stroke their growing cocks. I was going to get double teamed by this father and son, and I wanted nothing more than that at that moment. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Travis grabbed the pillow laying on the lounge chair and put it down on the ground. A perfect pad for me to worship both their cocks. As I went back and forth between them, stroking and sucking, and licking their balls the moans of pleasure escaping their lips made me hungrier for more! ‘You like these dicks?’, they teased me. As they wiped their pre cum covered heads all over my lips I moaned with pleasure.

Then the son grabbed my arm roughly, pulling me up from my kneeling position and tossed my onto the lounge chair face down. I glanced over my shoulder as he stroked his cock looking at me like a yearling bull ready to bred for the first time. His fingers gripped my ass, spreading my cheeks apart as he slid it up and down my slit making me arch my back. I then felt a hand on my chin turning my face back toward the front. I opened my mouth to say something, but Travis’s dick penetrated right through my pre cum stained lips, as their double teamed sex game began.

So I found myself in every position possible, and some unimaginable, but I was so hungry for their cum I was willing to do anything to get it. I could tell they were getting closer to letting those lava tubes flow with that creamy cum and I was so aroused. Then that hot young man slid underneath me, sliding my sticky wet pussy down on his hard rod, pumping fast and furious. Then I felt that second cock stretching me out, joining his flesh and blood inside my pink cavern of pleasure.  Travis’s thumb penetrated my ass as they double-teamed me.

I could feel the sweat of their bodies mix with mine, our three becoming one. And just like a crescendo of epic proportions my pussy flooded their cocks and I squirted more than I’d ever had done before. I heard evil laughs erupt from their throats, both turned on from being juiced on, and then they came inside me at the same time. I could feel both cocks pumping that never-ending stream of sperm inside me, that full feeling I loved so much. And as they pulled out, their sperm dripping down my legs, I ran my fingers up the inside of my thigh and plunged it into my mouth tasting their goodness.

I smiled up at them and said, ‘I want more!’.  I grabbed their cocks and starting sucking them intent on making them fuck me again! Double teamed and creamed, Roxy is always ready for more.

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