Ready for a Double Pleasure Experience?  Anyone who knows me knows – I’m not a strictly dickly kinda girl. Yes, I’m bisexual!  Everyone is bisexual to a degree – don’t limit yourself.  I love the best of bother worlds. Why settle for half the population when you can have it all. Double Pleasure – Two girls playing naughty together is always better than playing alone.  What do you think?

Back in college my Partner in Crime – My go-to Double Pleasure girl was my friend Ashley.  Imagine how excited I was when My friend Ashley was visiting for the week to attend a conference in Philadelphia. We’ve known each other since college, we were roommates. I have not seen Ashley since her recent breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Felix.  We needed some girl time to reminisce and catch up.

Sure, Ashley and I hooked up while we were in college. Many times actually – lots of pussy licking and strap on play. I loved how she licked my pussy and she loved how I would fuck her with my strap on. Sometimes we would play alone or have a surprise threesome with whomever we brought home. Our threesome was a sizzling hot adventure we would never forget. Her smothering the guy, while I pegged him with my strap on.

It all started out as a drunken dare and turned into something so much more. Who would have ever expected what would happen when Eric said “I dare you to kiss Ashley.” Our weakness, a simple kiss turned into the typical college-period exploration between close friends. She was my first bisexual, girl on girl, experience.  Never the less we enjoyed the endless girl on girl fun all through our college years.

Like all friends, as the years went on we saw less of each other. Every time we did catch up, it was like the first time we hooked up. With this in mind reminiscing always led to steamy all night Scissor Sister Fucking. A kiss on my lips, trailing down to my hips and then between my creamy thighs.

Who would have ever imagined an endless french kiss between my creamy thighs would lead to the most mind explosive orgasm ever. Ashley couldn’t get enough of my sweet juices, as they flowed down my crack and to her waiting tongue. She couldn’t get enough of exploring my little rosebud, as she licked and teased me over and over. We finally collapsed completely exhausted.

Ready for an Experience of Double Pleasure with the Not Your Strictly Dickly Kinda Girl?

Furthermore, expose yourself and your weakness to me. I want you to share your stories with me. Tell me everything, I want to get to know you on a personal level!!  I can’t wait to tell you all the naughty details that followed.  Let me tempt you into a 2 girl adventure. Ready for free phone sex minutes added to all paid calls? FIRST TIME CALLERS – Mention Double Pleasure 5, when calling me.  (Must buy 15 minutes to get the 5 Minutes FREE) Anything goes No Taboos Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure.  It will be an experience you will never forget.

Furthermore, talking with your Goddess Raven will add lots of excitement to any or all your fetishes or fantasies. Consequently, let me teach you the Pleasures of Hot Phone Sex with No Limits.   Giving in to your Taboo needs is always a Journey – Let me push your limits. I love adding Strap On Play – Edging instruction. 

Furthermore, let me guide you in a direction you never imagined! My sultry voice will capture you and you coming back for more.  No worries I will make it as pleasurable as possible.  Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore your fetish together. In addition, the opportunities are endless. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Finally, Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


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