You don’t need a man to get both holes played with, all you need are a couple of fingers and maybe a Butt Plug to add a bit of fun. This morning I was so horny and a little fingering wouldn’t do the trick, I needed some serious alone time.

I went through my sex toys and decided to use my Butt Plug because that would take care of one hole while my fingers did the rest. I got naked and made myself comfortable on the bed, taking my time to get relaxed. Then I put some lube on my fingers and opened my legs so I could slide my slippery wet fingers over my asshole.

 I teased it while I used my other hand to fondle my tit, rolling my nipple between my fingers. I slowly pressed my fingertip against my hole and wiggled it inside. It was tight and my ass clenched around my finger as I started moving it around while trying to relax. Soon I was able to thrust my finger in and out and I lubed up again so I could get another finger in me.

 I groaned as it stretched me open even wider and my pussy began to tighten, getting wetter as my fingers scissored my little hole. I kept going as I took my hand off my tit and grabbed the Butt Plug, holding it and feeling how big it was.

Knew it would feel even bigger once it was inside me and I couldn’t wait any longer.

 I stopped touching myself and got up, crouching as I held the Butt Plug to my hole. I worked it into me, gasping as it started to go in. So I rocked my hips, forcing myself down on it as the last inch slid inside. My ass felt stuffed full and I moved the base of the Butt Plug around, feeling it tease my deepest areas.

 I settled back down and went back to my tits, this time using both hands to fondle them. They were soft but firm, my nipples hard little points. Juices were leaking down my crack and I squeezed my ass muscles, making the Butt Plug feel bigger. I closed my eyes and slid a hand down my stomach, stopping at my pussy. I ran a finger over the top of it, barely touching it before going lower. Then I stroked the full length of my outer lips, smearing juices over them then slid a finger into my wet warm pussy.

 I was all squishy and barely felt my finger so I put in a second one, slowly thrusting them in and out. My other hand clamped down on my tit, squeezing it as a wave of pleasure went through me. I licked my lips and went faster, my fingers pumping hard as juices dripped down my hand. My hips rocked upward as I went deeper, my pussy tightening as my clit sent tingles all over the place.

 I groaned as I slid my fingers up to my clit and they slipped over it as my juices smeared over it.

It was so sensitive and when I brushed over it I cried out. It felt good and I pressed down harder on it, twitching and writhing as I rubbed it hard and fast. My thighs tensed up and started shaking as I stopped breathing and I could feel the butt plug moving as I lost control of my body. I came with a loud gasp and my fingers stayed jammed in my pussy as I shuddered.

 I took my fingers out of my pussy but kept the butt plug in. That was going to stay in me for the rest of the day.

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