I came SO hard getting double penetrated by TWO BBC’s!

Eric had just shoved me forward so I was bent over his cousin, Jamal’s, raging hard black cock. I didn’t hesitate to grab Jamal’s cock and shove it in my mouth, right as I felt Eric entering my soaking wet pussy from behind. Before I knew it, I was being double penetrated by two bbcs at once! I love Adult Chat!

Eric was pulling my hair while he rammed into me. Jamal had reached under my face to play with my tits while I swallowed his huge black cock. Twisting my nipples between his fingertips, Jamal thrust upward sending his cock all the way down my throat to the point tears were streaming out of my eyes. I didn’t care. Getting both ends of my body fucked at the same time was so fucking hot.

Suddenly, Eric pulled my head backward off of Jamal’s dick, slobber dripping from my chin. He pulled himself out of me and turned me around to face him. He was being forceful but smiling sweetly at me. Then, his smile turned devilish as he grabbed my shoulders and started to lower me down onto Jamal’s lap. It didn’t take long before I felt his massive dick poking me in the ass. Jamal reached up to spread my ass cheeks open while Eric continued pushing me down on his cousin’s cock. I felt the tip of Jamal’s dick right at the opening of my ass. He wrapped his hand around my hip and started rocking me in circles, easing the tip of his wet dick into my tight little asshole.

Eric was looking me deep in my eyes, smiling lovingly as he watched my face contort in pleasure/pain.


He gave me a devilish smile as he lowered my ass onto his cousin’s cock…


When Jamal made his way into my ass, he started pulling on my thighs to inch himself inside me faster. I grabbed Eric by the neck and yanked his face to mine, kissing him long and hard while his cousin slid inside my ass. Jamal wrapped both hands around my waist and yanked me down. When I was about halfway there, he pounded into my butt, stretching my hole wide open with his big black cock.

I gasped but ground harder into him. Bouncing up and down on Jamal’s dick, my boyfriend stopped kissing me and pushed me backward so I was leaning on Jamal’s chest while he fucked my ass. Then, Eric took his throbbing cock and traced the tip of his penis from my navel down to my pussy. He stopped to rub on my swollen clit right before shoving his dick inside my hungry cunt.

They were both fucking me at the same time. I could feel their cocks rubbing together inside of me while Jamal bit the back of my neck and Eric kissed me on my mouth. Getting double penetrated was everything I had dreamed of and more. My body was jerking between the two huge, black men. I started cumming all over my boyfriend’s dick, and I could feel it dripping down his and his cousin’s balls.


Do you have a BBC fetish too?


Just then, I felt Jamal’s balls tensing up beneath me right as he shot a huge load deep inside my tight ass. I started cumming harder and grabbed onto Eric’s upper body for stability. Eric shot his load inside me moments later so both my holes were dripping BBC cum.

We all kind of laid there for several minutes while catching our breath and giggling. My boyfriend is the absolute best. Bringing my fantasy of being double penetrated to life with his sexy cousin was the best gift a girl could’ve asked for. And I can’t wait to do it again!!


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