DOUBLE BBC Cuckold Fun : Two Huge Cocks for Little Me

This weekend the three of us had a DOUBLE BBC cuckold get together! Davon has been jealous ever since I admitted to fucking my new married BBC neighbor, Jay. And Jay has always been jealous because he knows my main BBC loyalty belongs to Davon. Since Day 1 he’s tried to keep my attention focused on him rather than Davon. For a while, it was actually working! I was so enamored with my new big black cock, I neglected Davon’s! We had a big blowout over it, and then talked things out. I assured him that he would always be my #1 BBC cuckold!

Meanwhile, I’ve been plotting a secret plan of my own. A contest between Davon and Jay to see who can get me knocked up with their sweet little black baby first! My money is on Davon. He shoots hard, and such big loads that sometimes I can barely gag them down or take it all in my pussy! But, you never can tell! To be honest, I don’t care who wins, really. I just want them to compete hard against one another and pump that hot BBC cum deep into my pussy over.. and over again until I get what I want.

A cute little mixed baby with mocha skin and green eyes!

Thursday nights are typically dull at my parent’s house. I’ve been staying there a lot because Jay is right next door. Well, that and, who doesn’t love having a maid to pick up after them and a cook to make dinner every night? I don’t get such amenities at my own little townhouse! My Daddy is always out with clients on Thursday nights, and my mom has some midlife crisis yoga class she goes to. I decided I would invite both Davon AND Jay over. It’s quite easy for Jay to slip away from the wife, since my Daddy is his boss, and he quite frequently has to walk across the lawn to the house for work stuff.

There were no strange cars out front, so Davon was both surprised and shocked when he walked in and saw Jay sitting in the living room. The smile died on his lips and he muttered gruffly, asking what “HE” was doing here. I laughed and told him I thought it was about time that we all got together like adults and came to an understanding.  The understanding, I explained, is that I want BOTH of those big black cocks.

And I’m not going to stop fucking either of them.

What I want, I get! I went on to tell them they both want to be the BBC to give their hot White Princess a little bi-racial baby. And I can’t decide between them. So I came up with a solution. They are going to take turns fucking me and shooting their BBC seed inside me, based on a series of contests that I came up with.

Jay protested, and Davon just smiled. We’ve known each other since elementary school; he’s used to my cuckold phone sex games and cock control. I told them that tonight was dick measuring night. I’d never measured either big black cock, so I wasn’t sure who had the biggest. But, the winner of each contest gets to fuck me. The loser has to play cuckold. And, the icing on the cake? The loser doesn’t have to lick the winner’s BBC creampie OUT of me – he has to take his tongue and shove that hot load DEEPER into my pussy, helping the winner’s sperm race toward being the first to breed me!

Davon had his pants down before I was even finished talking.

He was SO ready to get his fuck on! I teased him about his confidence that HE would be the winner. Maybe Jay’s cock is bigger! His smile faltered momentarily, then he grinned again, waving that fat BBC at me. We both turned and looked expectantly at Jay. He sighed a slightly resigned sigh, and pulled out that thick black dick. I already knew his was not quite as long as Davon. His cock’s a bit thicker, but as far as actual inches go, Davon is the winner by nearly 2 inches!

I wrapped one hand around each big black cock as they stood next to one another, then got down on my knees and took turns shoving each one into my mouth. Then I looked up at Jay, informing him with a devious smile that it was time to play cuckold! I sat him in a chair by the fireplace, instructing him to keep his cock out and stroke while he watched Davon’s big fat dick fuck into me deeply. He looked conflicted. I reminded him that I had to deal with knowing he fucks another hot woman almost every night! He wanted to be indignant, but as Davon took that big fat cock head and smacked it against my already swollen clit, I could see his cock jump in his hand.

When that thick, meaty dick finally penetrated me?

His hand clutched convulsively around his swollen hardness and he started pounding it, watching like a good little BBC cuckold as his superior bull pounded my hot little white pussy!

The moaning and fuck sounds got louder and more intense until finally Davon’s hips bucked and he shot that thick, creamy BBC cum deep inside my sweet little snatch – flooding it. Filling it with his seed. Jay stopped stroking his cock as I crooked my finger and motioned him over to the bed. Time for my BBC cuckold to shove that creampie in deep with his tongue! 

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