They Wanted To Give Me Some Double Anal Sex


It was another naughty day at home. I had called for a friend to come over. Doug thought he would be clever and bring a friend with him, too. He needed some fun, and so did his Friend. They had something extra dirty on their minds. They wanted to give me some double anal sex.

Since I knew he was coming over, why not look cute for Doug? I then ran to my room, stripped everything off, and put just a robe on. It was an all-silk one that was see-through. Honestly, I knew it would drive Doug crazy. Honestly, I didn’t realize that Mike was coming with him. I was about to get more than I could bargain for, so I quickly went to answer the door to Doug. After that, I opened the door and noticed that he had a friend. They wanted to give me some hot double anal sex.

I didn’t mind. That just meant I could get some hot rough anal sex. I didn’t know they both wanted to fuck the same hole together, either. This dirty double anal sex would heat up quickly. I then grabbed at both their hands and led them to the basement where such naughty things happened. Perfect for some threesome sex fun.

They Surrounded Me

They both wanted me so badly when they saw I just had on a robe. I would soon give it to both of them. Next, they hurried up and surrounded me. These studs then both ripped off my robe and let it hit the floor. They weren’t messing around they already had naughty things on their heads like they had said what they wanted to do to each other before they got here. Give me that double anal sex I just wanted to blurt out.

Mike then placed his hand on my right titty. He then started to squeeze that nipple and then brought his head down licking and teasing it. The more he licked off that nipple drove me crazy. I was already moaning for these studs. That’s when Doug grabbed at the other nipple and began to start sucking it. I was in this dirty sandwich right in between them both.

They then grabbed at me and flipped me over. I was flipped right over then I spread my legs. One went to my ass while the other when to my teen pussy. They were licking and sucking all over my clit and ass hole. Next came their fingers. They were teasing both my holes at the same time. That made me drip so much. I was so freaking wet that their fingers slide right into both my holes. All I needed was that double anal sex.

This Double Anal Sex Was About To Happen

These studs were giving more than I could have begged for. This double anal sex was about to happen. As I was flipped over I started to grab for their rock-hard cocks. After that, I then brought both their cocks to my mouth. I then began to suck both their cock heads. Next,  I was pushing those cocks against each other while I sucked and teased them. I could feel both their cocks doing that jump of excitement right down my throat.

They were fully hard now and wanted to get rough with me. Doug grabbed ahold of me and pulled me into his hips. I was being held up for his cock against my ass hole. He then swung me right onto his cock. As I had his cock going against my ass it was about to just slide into me. My mind was stuck on double anal sex. I am such a cum slut for big cocks.

I Was Getting Some Double Anal Sex Now

The other guy grabbed ahold of Doug’s cock and pushed him right into my tight ass. He then started thrusting deep in my ass until he was in me fully. As every inch was in my ass the other guy started to push his cock against that ass hole too. Honestly,  I was about to be completely stretched out. I was getting some double anal sex now.

I could feel my ass hole opening wideout. They were starting to gap my hole. I loved every minute of it. Honestly, I was begging for more. I told them to both push everything they have in me. After that, I then moved my hips and then took both the cocks deep in my ass. This double anal sex was epic.

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