College Sex Stories: Getting Fucked Hard in my Coed Dorm

The College Sex Stories of a Naughty Coed. College was my favorite time ever. I have so many college sex stories. I loved living in my coed dorm. Seeing all the hot men and even the sexy girls made me wild. My young tight body. Always drove the boys crazy. Getting out the shower and walking to my room dripping wet with just a towel wrapped around me had all the eyes on me. One afternoon I hoped out the shower and slipped in a towel.

As I walked my way down to my room I saw one of my sexy classmates. Looking out his room staring at me. At that moment I decided to be really bolded, so when I got around 2 feet from my door I dropped my towel.

Exposing my semi-wet petite body. His jaw dropped and I motioned with my finger for him to follow me into my room. He quickly made his way to my room door nearly tripping. He entered my room and closed the door behind him. At this point, I was already on my knees. I pulled his big cock out his panties and started going to town. It tasted so good just how I imagined it would. He was moaning so loudly as I was sucking on his balls. Trying to swallow his huge dick was a challenge. But I took it like a champ, even chocking the process. ready for action I hopped on my bed and arched my back.

I wanted him deep into my soaking wet pussy.

He glided in slowly it was so tight he could barely fit. A mix of pain and pleasure I was screaming at this point. Once he made his way fully in he started thrusting into me fast and deep. It felt like he was in my belly. I came so hard all over his dick it even leaked onto the bed, I could tell he wanted to shoot his load. I yelled for him to cum in me. Without even thinking I felt it bust all inside of me. It was an amazing day!

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