My drug ... Your addiction
My drug … Your addiction

The autumn storm raged through the trees of this cold October night. All that could be heard were the cries of my victims, my many pets and playthings. They were a comfort to me as I loved to hear not only you suffer at my cruelty but theirs too. You dangled there on my hooks; strung up from the ceiling and suspended. Such a handsome fuck puppet for a sadist.

I walked over to you as the toes of your feet were pulled from the ground and only just barely still touched the cold cement of my basement floor. The flesh of your back; near the back of your shoulder blades; stretched out while the hooks dug through the pale alabaster flesh of you. A corrupt smile passed over my lips as you laid there tangling attached to my other strung up doll, Bianca. Bianca was only 15; fresh…pretty. I loved the scent of her virginity and innocence it called to me and I couldn’t resist the idea of tormenting her for my pleasure and your suffering. I would make you take her virginity soon but for now she would be my air freshener! Reminding there are pure things in the world. Dressed in an frilly ivory dress, Bianca swung from her suspension hooks and cables that decorated her body. Women….of varying ages, seem to be stronger and can endure more torture than men. Hooks decorated Bianca from shoulders, breasts, stomach, thighs and calves. All down her were trickles of blood that clashed with the perfection of the color of innocence she wore; ruining it forever. I walked over to her arm where the needle pricks were starting to take shape as I gave her another dose of the reduced methamphetamine I kept injecting into her. I wanted her to love me and only me. I wanted her my precious beastie and I her faery god mother Maleficent; evil and corrupt for all time.

You my distraction, were quite appealing to the eye when you begged for that pitiful cock to be in my new acquisition. Oops, she’s starting to come around. I really have to sew that mouth of hers shut. She’s noisy.

Time for your dosing as well filth. Until I am ready to take you to bed, drugged up on heroin you will remain. Meth for the pretty girl I want to destroy, heroin for the one I plan to keep addicted to me for a very, very long time. Until next time, my worthless maggot.

Its good to be the Queen!

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