Sub to Domme… Yes, I’m a Switch!

This is my Domme experience. We just got back from a very nice dinner. I’m dressed in high heels, thigh-highs, a tight, short skirt, nice blouse. You’re in a pair of nice slacks, a button-down shirt, and dress shoes. We walk up to the door. Like a good servant boy, you unlock it for me. I go inside, sit on the couch. You step in and close the door behind you, waiting for instruction. Why? Because you know you were bad tonight.

I cross my legs. “On your knees,” I tell you. You follow instruction so well. “Yes, my Goddess.” Is your response and you get down on your hands and knees. I smile at you in approval. “Now, crawl to me.” You do as you’re instructed because you’re a good boy. Crawling on your hands and knees, you stop at my feet.

I press the toe of my high-heeled shoe to your cheek.

“Take off my shoes and stockings.” You respond with “yes, my Goddess.” Gingerly you take off one shoe and set it aside. You hold it as if it were fragile glass because you worship everything about me. Then the other heeled shoe.

“As you take off my stockings,” I tell you, “kiss my legs as you slide them down.” Your response is as always “yes, my Goddess,” because you know your place. As you peel off my stockings your lips follow the cuff down my leg, softly kissing my soft, smooth, Goddess legs. When you get to my feet you kiss them, for I am your Domme.

Then I stand, leave the room, leave you on your knees in front of the couch, however, I’m not gone long. When I return I’m carrying the rope and a black, circular, leather paddle. It’s double-sided. One side is soft and fuzzy. The other is hard leather because I like to give you both sensations. “You ordered something tonight that wasn’t within your dietary restrictions,” I tell you, standing behind you. “As your Domme, as your Goddess, I have to punish you.” You only murmur “I’m sorry my Goddess.” I smile behind you. “I know you’re sorry, but when bad boys do bad things they must be punished.”

With those words, I place the middle of the rope between your teeth and tie it behind your head. You feel the rope pull the corners of your mouth back. “Unzip your pants and assume the position.” I put my hand on your back and you lean your elbows on the seat of the couch. I rub the soft side of the paddle across your bare ass, however, we both know what’s coming. It stimulates your nerve endings and makes your skin more sensitive.

I take the paddle away…then…WHACK!

You feel the hard leather bite into your ass. Again, and again, I spank your bare ass with the paddle because that’s what naughty boys get. You cry out, your voice distorted because the rope is wrapped around your head.

Then the spanking stops because now I want something from you. I sit on the couch next to where your elbows are. I lean back and spread my legs. You know I never wear underwear and you can see my pink, bald pussy. “Now, eat,” I tell you. Obediently you bury your face between my legs. “Now, fuck me with your tongue until I cum,” I order. You obey your Domme. “Jerk off and cum on my feet because you were bad today so you don’t get to cum in your Goddess.”

And like a good boy you obey your Domme, your sweet Goddess, who was nice enough to let you cum at all…

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