Slip Into My World of Domination

A submissive knows what is expected to be part of  my world of Domination. Submission not only takes honesty, but acceptance. In my previous blog,  I pointed out key characteristics of a TRUE submissive. Do you posses the characteristics of honesty and acceptance?

The relationship will not bloom if the sub is not honest with himself. Honesty from the first meeting and continues throughout the relationship. While, honesty is important in a vanilla relationship, it is extremely vital in a Dommie/Sub relationship. Boundaries are always being tested and pushed.  A sub will claim to have “no limits” in hopes that he will be more attractive to me. Are you open-minded to explore anything and everything with no limits? If you expect me to believe you have no boundaries and no limits – you are not being honest. Not honest with yourself or me. Shall I subject you to torture of an electric cage or maybe smearing your body with feces?  Demanding you to do things that are very extreme. The answers are up to you. If anything bothers, you need to SET LIMITS!

Knowing and accepting your limits will move us in the right direction. Are you ready to surrender yourself to me? Don’t worry I won’t hurt you – Unless you want me to. Negotiation is very important.  You must be willing to accept commands.  Don’t worry I will push your taboo limits in ALL areas.  Ready for a little pegging?  Maybe the cuckold experience with your lover is more your speed.  It’s an anything goes situation. You will NOT want to miss out on.  You know it’s time and I’m here to give you that little push you’ve been craving.  Don’y be shy – give yourself to me.  You will experience the most mind explosive domination phone sex. Honesty and acceptance are important and extend deeper than imagined. I’m the Goddess and woman that knows what you need – I will complete you and your fantasy.  Always understand there is never a wrong time to ask me a question or let me know you feel uncomfortable with a situation. We both need to have honesty to make this experience a positive adventure. Honesty is the best policy.

Are you ready to begin an adventure in Domination phone sex?  I’m never limited to what I will talk about when it comes to SEX – anything goes.  Call me – let me walk you through your first Domination phone sex experience.  It’s never the same and can go in any direction. From beginning to end – you will enjoy naughty fetish phone sex with this sexy Mistress/Goddess of phone sex. Every experience is geared to satisfy your personal needs.  Cum Play!  Ready for some free phone sex minutes added to all paid calls – mention Domination5 – call me now so we can play. Anything goes Adult Phone Chat. Call me – I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure. Are you ready for the journey to pleasure and back? Let’s do it together!! Endless opportunities of pleasure are yours for the taking. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.




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