Some of the ideas for fantasy domination calls I hear blow my mind and have me wetter than an otter’s pocket before I even answer the phone. Here is one from a very dear, very kinky friend of mine, Dave. The calls we do are intense, satisfying and loud and they usually go a little like this…

A little taste of power goes a long way. Sometimes all it takes is a taste of another perspective to alter a life, or a lifestyle. After a fun session, that was intended to be plain, and took a turn, you start to wonder- could you like being on the other end?

Sure, you’ve topped a few times, but have you ever really controlled a full session? From start to finish, laid out a course of action, and then had it serve you? No, you decide you haven’t yet, but if your new partner is up for it, you decide to try it.

You decide on the time, place, and what you want him wearing. From the moment you walk in, it is his job to see to nothing but your pleasure. When you walk in, he is naked and has a porn playing on the TV. You see he is hard, but all you do is walk past him. As planned, he begins to strip you down to your bra and panties. He then makes you a drink, and you sit down on the couch. When he gets back, you take the drink, and make him stand there and watch you for a minute or two. His cock is rock hard and close, so you take a drink, and with the ice in your mouth, you take him in your mouth. The cold is driving him crazy, and you let him feel you swallow the liquid around his cock, and then you sit back, and motion him to sit next to you. He does, and you spill some liquid on your nipple, grab him by the hair, and force him to your breast to clean it off. You hold his face tight to you, and when he bites down, you pull his hair back hard, and he lets go. You repeat the same process for your other breast, and this time try to cover his whole face.

On the movie, there is a hot MFM scene. A guy is plowing a BBW from behind, while she is sucking off another guy. You take your friend by the hair, and lead him down to your wet pussy. You smash his face against the wet fabric and use his face to grind on. Finally he pushes the fabric aside and you feel his rough stubble and tongue on your lips. He tries to find your clit, but you don’t let him, instead moving him up and down your slit by his hair. You put your legs around his shoulders, and clamp him in place. He brings his hand up and works a finger, then 2 into your tight hole, and pushes them to the front wall that drives you crazy. You rock back and forth, feeling his fingers and tongue work you over.

You reach out to your bag, and bring out a large dildo. You spread your legs and tell him to remove your panties. He does, and like on screen, you shove the large dildo deep in your pussy, and call him back. You have him use the toy on you while licking and fingering your asshole. As you get close to cumming, you bring his face back to your clit, and keep his finger in your ass. He turns up the vibration, and the combination of toy, clit licking, ass fingering, and your own play with your nipples pushes you over the edge. You hold him tightly by the hair, and cum so hard the toy flies out and your pussy gushes. As you spasm, you keep him there licking up the juices as they flow.

Finally, you let go, and collapse back. You tell him to clean your toy, and when he gets back, you are now bent over the couch. You have lube, and reach back and lube up both his cock and the toy. You tell him to put the toy in your pussy and his cock in your ass. He follows your direction, and soon you feel him thrusting in you. You control the vibrator, and turn it upside down so the balls of it brush his cock. You challenge him to see if he can hold off and cum with the movie. You clench your ass, and tease him, and he smacks your ass. You ask if thats the best he has, and he takes the bait, not just smacking harder, but ramming faster. He takes the skin of your ass and twists it between smacks, and soon you can feel he is ready. You have your face to the TV and ask him if he can unload deep in your ass like the guy on screen just did on the womans face. He takes the hint, rams as deep as he can, and you feel him explode inside you. You know he had been saving it, and after a few spurts, you spin around and take his cock in your mouth, squeezing the last of his cum from the shaft and balls. You then take out a black butt plug and tell him to put it in, to keep all that good cum from wasting.

Before he can sit back down though, you tell him he isn’t done…


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