Domination – Making him my slave!

Domination training, mixed with the flavor of BDSM always adds a little excitement to any relationship. I’ve been dating him for the past few weeks and I thought it was time to break him into my world. I was a very bad girl last night and Aiden found out the hard way just how wild I can get. I did warn him that I wanted to do something a little kinky like domination phone sex. Without hesitation, he said he’d be down with whatever I wanted him to do. There was no holding back, so I went all out. I made him get naked then watch. Watch as I stripped down to just my bra and panties. I couldn’t resist tempt and teasing with my luscious ass. He wasn’t allowed to touch me, at least not til I would allow him to explore my body. I was in control and ready to dominate him and his world.
Like a sexy little vixen of tease, I couldn’t resist teasing him. Aiden’s eyes opened very wide, as I took a small whip out of my closet, I could see him begin to get a little nervous. His anticipation was building. I made him lean over the bed and brace himself on the mattress. He pucked up his ass tight and embraced himself for what’s to come. While I stood behind him, I cracked my whip in the air a few times and he flinched every time it made a snapping sound. I told him to relax, if he couldn’t handle the sound then there’s no way he could handle the pain. I saw him steady himself and I brought the whip down on his back, connecting with a sharp crack. He jumped up and cried out as it landed on him and I saw a small red line appear.

At that moment, I gave him a chance to change his mind. He was too turned on and didn’t want to pass up this sensuous opportunity of domination. He didn’t refuse, instead he got back into position. I whipped him again and he hissed in pain but stayed where he was. I brought the whip down a few more times then took pity on him. I told him to lie down and he whimpered as the sheet rubbed his raw back. I told him to be quiet. Without skipping a beat, I took a pair of handcuffs out of the nightstand and snapped them around his wrists. Slowly I looped the chain around one of the decorative rod on the headboard. I knew it would drive him crazy not to see me naked so I grabbed a blindfold from the nightstand and slipped it over his eyes.

I couldn’t resist teasing him, quickly I took my bra and panties off and got on the bed. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear that his only job tonight would be to make me cum. He smiled and I pushed myself up, straddling his face. His breath tickled me, as I moved my pussy closer to his mouth and I rubbed it over his lips. “Lick my pussy, you dirty slut.” I said as I rode his face and I felt a rough wet tongue lick over me. I stopped moving and his tongue pushed past my lips, licking along my walls. I could see his hard dick throbbing and twitching, as he licked my pussy and I laughed at the thought of him going home with a nasty case of blue balls.

It felt good, as it slightly tugged on my sensitive skin and I got wetter as he moved faster. I began slowly rocking back and forth and he slid his tongue up to my clit. He swirled his tongue over it and I gave a little shudder, as I told him to stay there. His tongue rubbed and teased my clit until it was a painful, tingling jolt that was growing bigger and bigger. He could feel my domination over his whole being , as I used his tongue for my pleasure. My thighs tensed up and my pussy felt soaking wet as I cried out again and again. I dug my fingernails into my thighs and came hard, his tongue deep inside me.

I climbed off his face and left a nasty wet streak of pussy juice over his chin. I went to undo the handcuffs but had second thoughts; the longer his wrists were tied up the longer he’d have to wait to jerk off. I left him there for hours, while I went to the living room, had a glass of wine and watched a movie.

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