The world of Domination and Pegging go hand in hand.

When you enter my world of domination – you better know your place quick. It’s not easy giving yourself over to a dominating woman but it’s the best choice when it comes to a woman like me. Some men, I’ve encountered, need to learn their place. When I say get down on all fours – I’m NOT suggesting it – I’m demanding it.

Jason stupidly thought obeying a woman and being fucked like a bitch was gay. Boy was he wrong in the worst way. I couldn’t get him to understand his position in our relationship. It pissed me off so much that I had to bring out my inner Kink Queen and show him that I was in charge.

One evening, while Jason and I were in bed making out, I leaned over him and pinned his arms down on the bed. He looked up at me with a grin and thought I was playing around and teasing him. “Tonight is the night big boy!” I said. He was going to be my bitch whether he liked it or not. It was time he learned a lesson in domination.

At first, he laughed and tried to roll me off him. Without even a second thought, I slapped him across the face. That stunned him and took him by surprise. From that point on he knew I was serious. I pushed off him and stood by the bed. “Get down on all fours and give me your boy pussy.” I commanded him as I kept complete eye contact and my coldest voice. I could tell it sent chills through his body and turned him on at the same time.

On all fours puppy dog. Looking so nervous and excited, as he waited for my next command. Without hesitation, he did what he was told. I went over to the closet and took out my strap-on while he watched me over his shoulder. I stood by the edge of the bed, so he could watch me slip it on and lube it up. I showed him how big and thick the dildo was and stroked it, as I covered it in lube. “Do you think your ass can take this?” I asked.

His eyes opened wide with excitement, as he looked at it and wondered just how all of it was going fit. “I can’t wait to fuck your tight little hole. Your man pussy will be mine for the taking.” I told him, as I slipped onto the bed and positioned myself behind him.

Domination at it’s best was about to take place. He was going to receive a pegging he would never forget. I wanted to dominate his every being and keep him begging for more. “Wait.” he said, as he tried to move away. “No second thoughts!” I said, as I slammed my arm on his back and held him down in front of me. “Stay.” I said to him as if he was a dog. Without even skipping a beat, I pressed down and I shoved my lube covered fingers into his ass. He was tight and he kept clenching around my fingers.

Finally I made him relax and proceeded to move them back and forth. It was only seconds before he started to loosen up and go with the flow. I took my fingers out and got ready to give him my nice big juicy cum shooting strap-on in his tight little man-hole. Slowly I pressed the tip against his hole, as he shivered with excitement and fear. His hole stretched wider, as I pushed another inch deep inside his hungry hole.

At first, he grabbed at the sheets, as each inch entered him. I held his hips tight and pushed my strap-on deeper into his man-hole. He cried out and made little noises of pain, as I started thrusting back and forth. “Stop acting like a pussy.” I said. I enjoyed having my ass fuck, what was wrong with him? I yanked his hips back, as I shoved myself forward. I wanted to fuck him hard and rough, as I got into a good rhythm.

He groaned and wiggled over and over. He let out a cry, as I hit his prostate. I tried to hit that sweet spot again and again. “You like this, don’t you?” I whispered. He tried to ignore the fact that his dick was rock hard. I jabbed and rubbed his prostate, until it pushed him over the edge. He exploded within moments. He couldn’t help himself – He looked ashamed, as he enjoyed getting fucked like a bitch.

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