Dominating The Vicious Beast Within Me: Part One

I pride myself on being one naughty dominating bitch and frankly, it takes a very strong man (or woman) to bend my will. As some of my fellow Queens would attest to, I love to dominate and show my superior nature, especially with regards to women. Dominating them, while a man watches sends shivers down my core and turns me on to no end. Every now and again, I cum across a woman or a man, who simply for a lack of better words, won’t tolerate my bullshit and has no problem with giving me a run for my money.

Which brings to the day I met Robbie. Not only did this man put me in my place, but he was able to achieve the ultimate level of respect out of me, which is rare. He was able to turn me into his little cum slut, his little sex slave and I absolutely loved it.

I met Robbie through a submissive girlfriend of mine, whom I used to take great pleasure in dominating.

Interestingly enough, looking back on it, I kind of think that she introduced me to Robbie, in an effort to punish for all of the nasty things I had done to her. I mean, when I say that she’s submissive, I mean exactly that and I took great pleasure in manipulating her to satisfy m own sexual desires and erotic tendencies. I’ve slapped her, pissed on her, raped her, choked her and totally dominated her, in my quest for total control over her. It’s important for me to make clear that while I hurt her on many occasions, I never injured her.

Anyway, the feeling of watching a woman helpless in the corner is nothing short of pure ecstasy to me. Looking into her eyes, knowing that she will do absolutely anything you tell her, ONLY to please you or to make you accept her, while she gets off at the same time, is a feeling that can’t ever be duplicated any other way. It seems harsh, but I can’t help myself, it’s an insatiable need to dominate and at one point in my life, I felt very strongly that I would never be on the receiving end of such control. I didn’t know how wrong I was, until my little pet introduced me to Robbie, my soon to be master!

That’s right, Robbie is, in fact, my master and I would be a dumb bitch indeed if I referred to him as anything less.

He’d be quick to let me know it too and would without a doubt put me in my place! You see, it was about a year or so ago now that my pet first introduced me to her friend, Robbie with the intentions of adding him to our play time, making it a threesome instead of a duet. At first, it started out how most of my sexual encounter start out, by me being a total and utter cunt to my subservient pair. I dominated Robbie like I did everyone else up until that point. He was very much into cock and ball torture and I was happy to oblige.

Some of my mandatory tools of torture included (and still do): pipe cleaners, small C clamps, candle, paper clip, shoestring, vodka and a razor blade. Suffice to say, Robbie was not only receptive to my CBT tactics, he also took it all like a fucking champion, until the day came when he decided to flip the script!

We usually met in the same exact hotel room, every single 3rd Saturday on the month, without fail. My pet and Robbie, were under strict direction to cum to the room prepared. Robbie was to bring all of his CBT tools of torture and my pet was to cum with the typical items a good whore would have, such as cuffs, a strap-on, a slutty outfit, including heels and thigh highs and so on.

Like I said, without fail, we met there and without fail, they brought with them the items, I so strategically required of them, except for one time in particular.

On this occasion, I walked into our room, expecting to see Robbie on the bed, with his CBT tools around him and my pet standing there next to him, all dressed up for me like a whore, but on this time that was not the case. I opened the door and immediately I was rushed and slammed on the bed, by both my pet and Robbie. I couldn’t fucking believe it and I began to lash out violently, which seemed to fuel the rage that lived within them both and I was soon hogtied and gagged!

To Be Continued………Your Domination Phone Sex Fix, Is Here!

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