Dominating The Vicious Beast Within Me: Part 2 Complete Surrender

This is the part when I had to offer up my complete surrender and release the vicious beast within! Anyone who knows me knows that is a hard pill for me to swallow! Being dominant, being bitchy, and mouthy are most definitely a few of my favorite ways of being, and now all of the sudden, with virtually no warning that was all going to cum to a screeching halt. This was something very foreign to me and I had no idea what to expect. Suddenly, for the first time ever I think I may have felt a little empathy for those whom I’ve dominated in the past. Funny how fast tables can turn and a domineering bitch like me can go from predator to prey, in a matter of minutes!

I was given alcohol to help incapacitate me, except they didn’t give it to me orally.  They gave me an alcohol enema, in order for them to enjoy the benefits of my drunkenness sooner. Once I was calm, Robbie grabbed me by my face. Squeezed my cheeks, and made it crystal clear that I was now to be his pet and that I was only to address him as master. Once that point was made, it was time for the pet (no longer mine) and my master to reap their sweet revenge on me.

They untied me, once I had earned a little trust and though I was really buzzed. I was still able to walk and move around with ease, minus the pain in my wrists and ankles from the ties.

It was then that we walked into the bathroom and there I saw the items that were going to be the beginning of my demise.  As headmistress and the beginning of my life, as a sex slave to pet and Robbie. Immediately I could feel my pussy clench up, for reasons that I could only imagine are instinctual.

There in the bathroom was a tub full of water. A countertop is full of items like; long candlesticks, clothespins, two lit candles, a belt, several large dildos, and much more! The sight was overwhelming and I knew that I was going to be in for some serious pain! Interestingly enough, much to my surprise. I didn’t realize how much pleasure I would take in actually being worn down to my weakest point. There’s something very erotic and almost poetic about the rawness of being so vulnerable. Anyway, Master and pet walked me over to the bathtub, placed me on my knees, and made me wait there for a few minutes.

Then, Master walked up behind me, bent down, whispered in my ear, and said, ” Do you trust me, slave?

Know that I am going to hurt you, but I will never injure you! I looked up at him, tears swelling in my eyes, and simply nodded my head, “yes”. Just then, before I even had a chance to react, pet and Master shoved my head underwater. At first, panic set in, but I could hear Master calmly tell me to just relax and to stop fighting. Once I complied, they lifted my head out of the water.

I want to describe for you the rest of this freakishly kinky rendezvous, in great detail how my master nurtured my hidden desire to fully submit while experiencing pleasure on a completely different level at the same time, so you know what to do. Don’t get it twisted, however, I am still very much the naughty domineering bitch I’ve always been. Just that I am willing to yield if you are man enough to tame this wild vixen!

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