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There I was just fantasizing about the kinky lesbian slumber party we had gone to a few months back and then she came in and threw my lunch at me!  I licked my bottom lip and gave her the look. Instantly she drew back and knew that she had fucked up. My bratty submissive girlfriend started to back up and run away. But, I didn’t want her to know I was plotting her punishment and just smiled.

I ate my lunch and then went to gather the toys I would need: my strap-on, some rope, lube, and a vibrating anal plug. I snuck into her room and grabbed her by her hair and yanked her to her knees. Leaning down  and getting in her face as I said, “Think you can just be a brat to me all day and get away with it?” Right then I smacked her hard across the face, knocking her to the ground. I laughed as I kicked her onto her stomach.

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I pinned her down with my knee and grabbed her arms and tied them behind her back. To make sure she was secure I tickled the fuck out of her. She couldn’t get anywhere! Grabbing her shorts and yanked them off of her and then grabbed her panties and gave them a hard yank. Squealing in pain and trying to pull away from me, so instead, I grabbed her by her hair and started spanking her tight ass.

Whimpering and crying, she started to beg me to stop. “Oh, you don’t like when your dominating lesbian girlfriend starts beating this ass?” I asked her.  I shredded her panties off of her and spread her ass cheeks apart so I could tease it. Running my finger in slow circles as I squirted some lube on it. I started sliding my finger in and out of her tight ass, loosening it up for her anal plug. I felt her ass loosen up and I took the opportunity to slide in her plug.

Gasping as I slid it in deep and smacking her ass as I stood up. I sat in front of her and spread my legs wide, my wet pussy just begging for a kiss. So, I grabbed her by her head and shoved her face into my pussy. Making her eat it till I came all over her pretty face. I put my strap-on on and replaced her plug with my cock. Fucking her till she came hard and passed out.

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