Dominated by Darth Vader

Dominated by Darth. Long long ago in a galaxy far far away lived a Sith master who controlled the galaxy with his death star of doom. While doing my rounds with his little minions in white, we came across our Sith Lord and when he saw me he summoned me to his quarters. Not sure what to expect because I was not sure why I had been summoned to his private quarters. I could hear the heavy breathing of his mask it was loud and heavy and I wondered what had gotten him so excited.

I bowed my head to my dark lord “what do you wish of me sir?” he stood there for a moment eyeing me up and down like I was something to be dominated, with just his breathing behind the mask. I could feel the evil in him like a heat wave. He sent me flying into the wall with his force pinning me so, I could not move. Darth stalked over to me with liquid motion. He began to cup my breast with his black-gloved hand squeezing hard tearing a moan from my lips.

I could hear his breath quicken with excitement that he made me cry out from for him.

He ripped my clothes from my body leaving me naked in front of him still pinned to the wall. He spread my legs and began to rub my clit with the handle of his lightsaber, I could feel myself getting wet from the torture.

I saw him press some buttons on his suit. I heard a rush of air and when I looked down the front of his suit had opened and a nice sized throbbing hard cock popped out. All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe as he strangled me with the force sliding his cock inside of me. I was completely and utterly dominated. He fucked me hard until I was dizzy. Then he let me breath again still continuing to pound himself in and out of me.

This is what I imagine it would be like to be dominated by Darth Vader. If you would like to do a fantasy role play give me a call and I would love to play!! I will be the one fucking my pussy with a lightsaber like its the best feeling dildo I ever had.

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