Locked in shackles I attempt to look around while gasping for air and tears running down my face. I cannot see, only hear. I have something over my eyes, “What is it! Where am I? How did I get here!” I scream inside my head. As though I held the key to my entrapment. Scared into a web of darkness I struggle. Nothing, I’m bound tightly to a cold surface.

“OH MY GOD! LET ME OUT!” I try to scream but they are only muffled cries. I hear movement, “Oh Thank God!” my brain says as I feel my heart pounding, praying, hoping it’s my savor. I feel a hand sliding over my blouse, immediately my nipples harden to the rough caress. I -gasp- “Why… why am I turned on?” My brain is asking a million questions but my body is answering only one.

I’m unshackled from the wall as I’m lead to my knees, I hear a noise like a zipper opening and my mouth is forced open with a metal like clamp. Keeping my lips parted and my teeth seethed. “What kind of devices are these!” I start to imagine a mad house ‘asylum’ with a mad doctor and a dark lite dungeon with all these shiny metal like tools laying around on tables and walls.

What is he making me do….  How is he going to dominate me against my will, or is it against my will to be dominated… so many questions to ask.

Caught into your grasp - Teach me - Amy
Caught into your grasp – Teach me – Amy