Dominant who sometimes plays submissive, part ii

He slid his finger deep down my throat so I could taste my juices, so sweet . . . then Greg straddled me and started to face fuck me with his thick, 11 1/2 inch cock. I gagged on it as he held my head, forcing as much as I could take in my mouth and then some.

He climbed off and pulled out a strand of 6 anal beads.  They started small, 1/4″ in around and each bead gets bigger until the last one is 3 in around.

“I don’t think I can take all 6,” I murmured, my eyes wide.

“Shut up, bitch,” he whispered back, his hand lightly squeezing my throat. I let out a small gasp as he leaned closer, squeezing even tighter. “And you WILL take them all.”

He puts a little lube on each one and starts to slide the first, smallest bead into my ass.  The feeling is a little painful yet very pleasurable at the same time. He slowly, gradually slides all 6 in me. I cried from that mixture of pleasure and pain as the last ones are put in my ass, the total sensory overload I was feeling. He then pulled out the biggest jackrabbit I have ever seen.  It was 3″ around and 10″ long.

He turned it on and rubbed my clit with it.  Then he slowly put it in my dripping pussy.  He pushed it all the way in me, turned it on high, and held it in me at just the right angle for the mushroom head to rub my g spot.  I start to climax, screaming in pleasure. He then starts to slowly pull the anal beads from my ass, one at a time . . . I had never felt such feelings!

As the last bead comes out I screamed in full-body multiple orgasms, shaking all over. He pulls the jackrabbit out, making me cum so hard I squirted . . . shooting all over the jackrabbit and soaking the already soaked bed.  I smiled, trembling still, as I watched him lick it up.

Greg spread my legs wide, still licking his lips.  I looked down and saw his mushroom head rubbing my clit.  He then slowly pushes his massive thick cock all the way up inside of me . . .

“I want me to feel every inch of my thick hard shaft,” he told me as he thrust inside faster. He put my legs so high they were above my shoulders and drove his giant cock in me harder, deeper.  He was pile-driving me so hard I screamed and squirted again all over his massive tool and balls. I couldn’t stop cumming, it feels so good . . .

He pulled out of me and untied my hands he brought his cock up to my face for me to lick it clean. After watching my tongue caress his mushroom head for a few long licks, Greg flipped me over on my knees and drove his massive cock in my pussy. I felt his balls slap my clit with every thrust. I orgasmed again, I just couldn’t stop.  He looked down, then said:

“There is one hole I haven’t FUCKED yet.” I quivered with anticipation — we both knew exactly what tight hole he was talking about!

“Please be gentle,” I whimpered, a barely coherent ball of ecstasy underneath him.

“Shut up bitch and just enjoy it,” he said in that devious, sexy whisper of his.

He spread the cheeks of my ass and started to put his massive mushroom head in my ass. He knew he saw how tight I was . . . and I knew he wasn’t going to be satisfied until he ripped me open.

Drove more and more of his 11″ inch cock inside me, then paused to tell me to take the jackrabbit and fuck my pussy with it. Once I’d done as he commanded, he climbed up and proceeded to pound my ass hard and deep. I feel such a powerful, overwhelming sensation with the jackrabbit in my pussy and his massive tool in my ass I came again . . . and then again . . . and then again!

My whole body was shaking as I screamed, louder and louder, in total ecstasy.  I felt like I have been turned into a cum slut, Greg’s cock slave. I had never felt this way before . . .

Finally, he pulled his cock out of my ass, turning me around and telling me that now I get my reward for being a good submissive slut. He stood up and I got on my knees, sliding his massive cock into my wet mouth.  I felt him tense up, his cock swelling in my mouth and throat. He held my long, now sweat-drenched dark hair back, helping me suck his cock harder and deeper. Greg moaned, and the only thought in my mind was that I couldn’t wait for his huge, hot thick load to explode in my mouth . . .

He moans again. “Here it comes!” he half murmured, half-shouted, before blowing a huge, thick load of creamy cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all greedily, determined not to miss a drop before cleaning his cock with my tongue.

Even afterward when we laid down together, my body was still quivering. I had never been fucked so hard and for so long.

“You were a good little submissive slut,” he told me, grinning again. I couldn’t believe what just happened.  I was submissive and I loved it!  Laid in his arms, feeling peaceful and exhausted, my hands holding his giant, half-erect cock . . . .


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