I have been playing with a dominant mommy fantasy with one of my favorite callers…

Surprised to find himself alone with a dominant mommy, his father had passed away only a few months ago while he was away at boarding school.

It was time for his winter break. Eager to get home and away from school, he ended up coming home a day early and forgot to tell me. Since I wasn’t expecting him just yet, I was caught off guard. I was trying on some new clothes, dressed to kill in a black leather corset, thigh high stockings, tall black heels and brandishing my new whip when he walked in. Never seeing me like this before, he stood in the door with his mouth wide open. Hissing for him to get inside, I walked over and yanked him in by the collar of his shirt.

Slamming the door behind him, I told him to go upstairs and unpack his things but he couldn’t shake the sight of me. Instead of going to his room, he found himself in mine, riffling through my panty drawer. It didn’t take long for me to figure out what he was doing… I stood outside the cracked door and peered in watching him sniff each pair one by one. Deeply inhaling before rubbing them against his hard little cock through his jeans.

I watched for a few minutes, trying to hold in my laughter until I couldn’t any longer.

I threw the door wide open and charge in towards him, throwing him down on the bed. The look of shock in his eyes was delicious.

A dominant mommy is not afraid to punish her little boy. I instructed him to lay on the bed “face down, ass up!” and forcefully grab the back of his pants to pull them down, exposing his bare little ass before leaning in towards his face. Shoving a pair of panties into his mouth. I told him that ‘bad boys get spankings‘ and today he really earned one…

What do you think I should do with this bad little boy? It’s time to teach him a lesson!

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