I became a happy wife by cuckolding my husband.

Well, it’s official, I’m married. Part of me is excited to be Mrs. Jason Williams, but I’m sad. In so many ways Jason is the love of my life. He’s a kind, sweet and supportive partner. Everything that I could ever dream of in a husband. But no matter how wonderful he is, we’ve never had a good sex life. I’m a bit of a size queen, and my dear Jason has a small, skinny 5-inch dick. For years I have been telling myself that the size of his cock doesn’t matter. This is my cuckolding story.

That he’s such an amazing guy that I could go the rest of my life being sexually unfulfilled. Now that we’re married knowing that I will never have the joy of a long thick cock spreading my pussy open is hitting home and it’s depressing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be cuckolding my husband on our wedding night.

I was sitting on the bed in my white bridal lingerie thinking about big cocks when there was ack on the door.

I assumed Jason or one of my bridesmaids was at the door, so I didn’t bother to cover up. Then I answered the door in my white lace bridal corset, white panties, garters, and stockings. When I opened the door, my past came flooding back to me. My ex-boyfriend Steven was at the door. He had heard through friends that I was getting married and he wanted to stop by to congratulate me. Even though I had stopped seeing Steven when I started dating Jason, we’ve remained close friends. I decided to invite my old friend into my room for one last drink before Jason and I head out for our honeymoon in a few hours.

As the last of the champagne went to my head, I told Steven that sex with Jason. I just didn’t do it for me and that I’m sad that marriage will be taking big cocks out of my life forever. Since he didn’t have time to pick out a proper wedding gift. Steven offered me one last ride on his fat 10-inch cock. Before I could even think, I was on my knees clawing at Steven’s pants like a junkie for one last taste of his cock. I took his cock deep down my throat. But I didn’t care. I needed to make my final chance with a big cock count. I was so cock drunk that I didn’t think to bolt the door to my room. Jason had a key card to my room and walked in on me with a mouthful of Steven’s cock.

I stood up and started to offer the usual excuses, but I didn’t want to start my married life off with a lie.

I told Jason that I was never satisfied with his feeble excuse for a cock. If he intends to have a genuinely happy marriage, I need access to Steven and his big cock whenever I want. Jason didn’t argue or put up a fight. He can see what Steven is working with and knows that he can’t compete. Jason sat meekly on the floor and watched Steven fuck me six ways from Sunday as he stroked his wee winkie. I never thought I would ever be cuckolding my new husband, but now that it’s happened,  I’m looking forward to years of married bliss.


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