Domestic Sex Laws That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Fume, and Shudder

I always find it interesting what people will demand to be a law. The fact that they put domestic sex laws on the books at all, leaves me wondering how they came to such a conclusion in the first place.  I mean, what had to happen for someone to say, “Hey, we need to make it illegal for you to have sex with a porcupine.” Ok, so do we really need a sex law for that one? It drums up a vision of some guy’s junk being peppered with porcupine quills *shudders*. I figure, if you’re gonna try and have sex with a porcupine, then you deserve what you get. It would sure make for a kinky sex story though, lol.

Not Just Any Ole Rodeo

In Massachusetts, you are good to go if you want to have sex with a rodeo clown. Yup, you have the official seal of approval for that little tryst. Ah, but there is an exception to this little sexual encounter that made it to the books as a sex law (isn’t there always?). Seems you can NOT have sex with a rodeo clown IF there is a horse present. (after all, we don’t want you’re hot and heavy tumble spilling over to that innocent horse, now do we?). Sounds like it would lead to some hardcore dark urges if you ask me ;).

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

…but NOT with a kiss. Or at least not in Colorado. Yep, kissing a sleeping woman is prohibited by a sex law in the state of Colorado. Haven’t these people heard of Sleeping Beauty? How else is Prince Charming supposed to wake up the PRINCESS from the wicked witch’s spell? And I’m not even going to mention those who enjoy a bit of somnophilia (sleeping fetish).

Here’s an Interesting Domestic Sex Law

When is a Virgin not a Virgin?

Beats me. But I’m thinking maybe those in the state of Washington might want to help us understand this.  After all, it’s their sex law that pronounces that it is illegal to have sex with a virgin, even on her wedding night. So… a virgin can NEVER have sex?? WHA?

Maybe they have pod babies instead of vaginal births.  Or the stork still delivers there. Certainly would make for some interesting mommy phone sex!! Can you imagine how a “virgin” would explain her pregnancy? “I swear, an alien put his baby in me – I didn’t have sex!” Talk about a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


There are just too many sex laws that I can shed light on for just one blog, so I’m sure I will delight you with more of these laws in the future.  Then we can figure out how we can break every one of those when you call my phone sex line!!

Care to be a renegade with me and break a few domestic sex laws with some taboo phone sex?


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