As you all know, I really love this time of year. But just the other day I spoke to my lovely little brother, and realized I really miss my family. From our first Christmas together to the last one we spent as a whole about 3 years ago, the Holiday was all about family, love, and well really dirty, uninhibited sex.

One of the best was the year Daddy got us dogs for the holiday. Not puppies, but full grown German Shepherds! We were all around the table, after a hot morning session, and relaxing. My little brother was even spent, and then we heard the bell ring. Daddy answered and then brought in three dog carriers with big ribbons on them. One big boy had my name, the only female had my Brother’s name, and Mum had the last one. Daddy explained that these were the best trained dogs in the world, and would make our big house even safer.

We all ran and opened the cages, and all instantly bonded with our assigned animals. Daddy explained that the trainer had asked for clothing of who was going to be with each dog, and that way they would already be familiar with their master’s scent. My puppy was so playful, all he wanted to do was give me kisses! But I slowly noticed that his kisses went from my face and hands, to my boobs. His tongue felt so good. I looked over at Mom, and her puppy had his nose buried in her pussy. My brother was also getting his ass and cock licked. Daddy had the biggest smile on his face…

Right now though I need someone to make me feel wanted like that. Can you be my lil brother or Daddy? I can tell you all the things those dogs were trained to do, and maybe you will cum for me like they did?

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I Want Another Dirty Christmas!

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