He Asked Me If I Ever Did  It With A Dog

I’ve been dating this new guy and he’s a bit extreme. The first date and he asked me if I’d ever been tied up or spanked. I laughed at his frankness, but liked it. I could tell he was a bit wilder than most guys that I’ve dated before. I’d seen him a few times and slept with him and the sex was good, pretty intense and crazy. Then the next time I went over to see him he asked me how far I’d be willing to go with trying things I’d never tried before. I wondered what he had in mind. So I asked, and soon found out. He asked if I’d ever thought of letting a dog do me.

I Was Pretty Horny And Drunkdana and the dog

I said I hadn’t given it much thought really. And he asked me if I’d be willing to try something, I was pretty horny and half drunk. And more than willing to explore my options. He then called in his large dog, a Rottweiler, Rex. I was a bit nervous. But he assured me not only was Rex gentle, but extremely well versed in pleasing a woman. He said it really got him aroused to watch a woman get pleased by Rex before he fucked them.
Then he told me to relax and get naked, which I did. He went to the kitchen for a moment and came back with a few teaspoons of melted peanut butter in a cup he was stirring. He told me to inch right up to the edge of the sofa. And spread my legs open wide and spread my cunt lips open with both my hands, exposing my clit. Which I’m almost embarrassed to say was quite stiff in anticipation of what I knew was about to come. He came over and drizzled the warm, melted peanut butter onto my clit and pussy. And then called Rex the dog over. Almost as though he had done it a hundred times he went to work.

 He Licked My Peanut Butter Covered Cunt

He was whimpering as he approached and he began to lick my peanut butter covered cunt slowly with his tongue. And I quivered at the feel of his not quite smooth as a humans tongue on my pussy. I spread my pussy lips open even further to allow Rex greater access. And my clit was sticking out and with each pass of his tongue over it. I was getting closer and closer to my climax. I was bucking my hips and breathing hard and he licked me out better than I ever had been before. And I looked over and my boyfriend was pitching a huge tent in his pants as he watched me get licked by his dog.

His Dick Was Harder Than Ever

He took out his hard cock and started to rub it. And it looked harder than I’d ever seen it before. He came over to me and I took it in my mouth. And sucked on it as I was getting licked by Rex, who had me trembling on the edge of a tremendous orgasm. A few more licks and I screamed in ecstasy and came. He was whimpering and his cock was dripping precum and he went off to lick himself. My boyfriend took his cock out of my mouth and fucked me hard and fast and we both came very hard. I can’t say I didn’t feel ashamed at my actions, but it sure felt good.
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