Doctor Patient Sex Story – A Therapist Session Gone Wild!

Doctor patient sex, yes, I bet these three words get your cock rock hard, right? It certainly makes my pussy wet! After all, I’ve got tons of real sex stories that explore the relationship between doctor and patient!

This doctor patient sex story, however, is a little different. You see, when I was sixteen, I wasn’t exactly what you’d call a well-behaved girl. I’d get myself in trouble all the time. Flashing our school’s rivals during a game, for instance, was a diversion technique I often used. If I showed up to class at all, I always wore the skankiest mini skirts, tight tank tops, and my tits would be pouring out of there like two round plums waiting to be grabbed. Oh, and how these poor teachers blushed when I arrived, sucking a lollipop, twirling my tongue slowly!

Teacher sex stories always made me horny. Little did I know back then that doctor patient sex would make me cum like never before.

As you can probably imagine, my rebel behavior horrified my straight-laced parents. So one day, they decided that enough was enough. After meeting with the ugliest school principle I’d ever seen, not to mention her troll of a guidance counselor, I was left with a choice. My parents would send me to some tight-ass boarding school in Bumfuck, Egypt. But I had another option: I could agree to start seeing a therapist.

I opened my mouth to tell the troll that she needed to get laid, then shut it. The thought of living in the middle of no-mans-land (literally!) nauseated me.

“Whatever,” I said, taking a cigarette out and throwing everyone a disgusted look. Then I glanced at my religious parents. “I’ll go see a fucking shrink if that’ll get you two off my back.” Then I sneered at the guidance counselor and couldn’t help myself. “By the way, you look like you really need to get laid.”

She turned red and snatched the cigarette out of my hand like a Nazi.

“No smoking allowed!” she screamed, particles of spit landing everywhere on the principle.

Fast-forward one week and here I am, sitting in a goddamn chair. A woman named Sherryl-something, who supposedly received some blah-blah-blah award of some shit, sits in front of me like she can decipher my mind. Ha.

She crosses her legs. “What are you going to do this summer, Carmen?”
“Fuck all the guys in town.”
Her face shows no trace of emotion.”I don’t believe that’s a realistic goal for a sixteen-year-old girl”.

I laugh and cross my legs as well – and I’m not wearing any panties.

“Well what if I only fucked half of them? Is that more realistic for you?”

Since she displays no reaction, I continue, uncrossing my legs a little more widely this time. “Tell me, Sherryl… I can call you Sherryl, right?” Before she can even answer, I carry on, bending over with my tits almost falling out. “Would you consider my cunt half full or half empty?”

Instead of answering me, she takes out a notepad and begins writing, without even looking up.

“Why do you feel it’s necessary to swear in order to emphasize your words, Carmen?” her voice rises up.

“Why the fuck are you avoiding the question? If I fuck half the guys in town, is my pussy half full or half empty? I mean that’s 50% of the guys, right? ”

Then she looks straight back at me, remaining unfazed. For some reason, that turns me on. Ideas of doctor patient sex begin to sprout in my mind. I’m not sure why – the therapist is an average, good-looking woman, but nothing like the gorgeous blondes I’ve fucked in the past.

She frowns. “It seems you’ve become tired of guys, Carmen.”

It’s my turn to frown. Is she right? Is part of my “delinquent behavior”, or whatever the fuck they call it, based on the fact that guys around here are all the same?

Of course I’ve had my share of lesbian experiences, BUT it’s never been in a forbidden situation… Nothing like teacher/student, cousin/cousin, or, well, doctor patient sex.

Then Sherry finally uncrosses her long legs. And it makes me almost gasp. That’s because she isn’t wearing any panties, either… Not to mention that her cunt is perfectly smooth.

“To answer your question, Carmen,” she says, “a cunt is always better when it’s half full.”

Mmm, patient doctor sex is definitely something I did not expect to occur in my therapy sessions!

All I can remember at this point is Sherryl’s breasts boucing in her blouse as she leaned over, and her tongue shortly entering my wet cunt.

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