Do you ever wonder how you will manage to find all of the pricey sex toys and various pieces of equipment you need to have a quality BDSM experience?  Worry not! Unlike some kinds of sex toys, here are less expensive and even DIY alternatives to these sex toys. You just have to be creative, shop for bargains and make use of what you already have.



Everyone knows what Amazon is and there’s probably not a person reading this who hasn’t shopped there.  You already have the site bookmarked, the app downloaded and you already have an account with them. It’s convenient and probably the easiest and fastest site you can buy sex toys.

What you may not know is that they have a huge selection of BDSM sex toys available – many of them at discounted prices.  There’s a lot of reputable, well made and safe sex toys to choose from.  It’s easier to judge the quality because of the (mostly) helpful rating and review system in place.  However, you still have to be vigilant in watching out for toys that are counterfeit, unsafe or both.  I have, myself, been the victim of an unsafe sex toy purchased on Amazon. But, really, what was I expecting when I purchased an $8.00 butt plug?

The best thing, to me at least, is that a lot of the things you buy are eligible for Prime Shipping.  You can have that sex toy in your sexy hands in 1-2 days! Sex toys are great things to impulse buy.


Other online sites

Highly reputable online retail sites such as JT Stockroom, Extreme Restraints, and Fetish Toy Box are all known for excellent quality and workmanship. But it will cost you.  The good news is that they all have sales, clearance items and promotions. You can get on their mailing list to know when these take place.  This could be a good way to save some money on that one really important piece of equipment that needs to be of the best possible quality. Like maybe a butt plug that doesn’t cause a trip to the ER…


And Now… About Me!

In researching this blog post (yes I spare no effort researching this stuff for you guys!), I found my own bargain basement BDSM sex toy and it arrived yesterday!  If you want to hear more about it and even use it on me, call me! And if you want to hear more about my harrowing encounter with the unsafe toy from Amazon, also call me!




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