My neighbor has a major giantess fetish and I’m going to indulge him!

The sexy guy next door has been turning down my advances for what seems like forever. I was seriously starting to get a complex until I saw him drooling over a six-foot-tall woman that lived down the block. That’s when it hit me, he must have a giantess fetish! I would never naturally grow as tall as her so I would just have to one-up her.

I went to a local magic shop and got a special potion to make me grow ten times bigger than my normal size and then I watched and waited. When I knew that it was time for his evening run, I positioned myself on his path. As soon as he came around the bend on the running trail he stopped dead in his tracks. I was every giantess fetish fantasy he ever had come to life.

I was towering above him so far that he had to crane his neck to look up my long legs to my perky breasts.

The look of amazement on his face was amusing. He couldn’t decide if he should run in terror, or try to climb up one of my legs. He was so tiny, way down there on the ground looking up at me. I could easily crush him like an ant, one of my feet was bigger than his entire body. Taunting him a little would be fun and exactly what he deserved for ignoring me for so long.

When he saw my massive foot lifting up and coming towards him, he grabbed onto my leg and started the long slow descent upwards. It was so funny watching him struggle, it was like he was scaling Mt. Everest. Beads of sweat were popping up on his forehead. As much of a workout as it was for him, he definitely had a tent popping up in the front of his running shorts. Of course with him being so much tinier than me, there was so much way he would be able to pleasure me with that. He’s just going to have to be creative!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke