My dirty Uncle Larry is someone I’ve known my whole life.

I’d been attracted to him since I hit puberty and started noticed men and boys in a sexual light.  I was around 15 when my dirty Uncle came over for a few beers and to watch the basketball game with us. I, of course, wasn’t allowed to drink but I was sneaking sips of everyone’s beer all night anyway.

So I noticed my father was fast asleep on the couch and the game was over when the vibe of the night started to shift. I could feel the sexual tension building up inside of me. “Come outside and have a beer with me, Gwennie” my dirty uncle Larry said.

I drank about three beers back to back very fast with him, so I was drunk. Also tried to smoke one of his cigarettes and it just made me cough. I was standing next to him, talking and laughing, I became very horny and excited because I’d never partied like that before.

Found his smell intoxicating, like a heady mixture of grown man, nice cologne, cigarettes, and arousal.  

I wasn’t sure of what to do in a situation like that because I was so young, so I just went for it. Leaning in, I gave my dirty uncle Larry a kiss on the mouth. I slipped my tongue between his lips and kissed him deeply and wetly.
“Have you ever gave a man head?” My dirty uncle asked me.

No, I told him. I had never done anything like that before…But I’d always wanted to.

He unbuttoned his pants and took his hard, long cock out. To my young eyes, it looked huge! His cock had a big, fat head and a long thick shaft.
My mouth began to water and my heart began to pound. He put his strong hands on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees before him.

I inexpertly but eagerly reached for his hard cock and slid my mouth over the head. Uncle Larry began to moan into my throat and thrust into my wet mouth.
To Be Continued.

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