I caught my Uncle sniffing panties in my closet!

My pathetic uncle likes sniffing panties. I caught him in my bedroom one day when I was only 16. He was crouched down, over my dirty clothes basket. At first, I figured he was going to do my laundry. When I got closer I saw that he had my dirty panties over his nose and mouth. His eyes were closed and he was taking long breathes. I got closer and noticed that His cock was hanging out of his pants!

It was pretty gross being 16 and seeing this pathetic old man with a hard dick sniffing panties. Besides, they were MY crusty old smelly panties! Yuck! I had to say something. “Uncle Mike? What are you doing??” I asked. “Oh Damn Samantha, just give me a few more minutes!” I stood watching him as he jacked himself off hard. I laughed as he finished and looked so ashamed. “Please, Babygirl, Please don’t tell anyone. I will do anything for you. You need new clothes? Maybe a new computer?”

I looked him up and down.

I smiled as I realized that I now owned this man. He will be in the spell of my sexy bossy teenage self. To this day, I make him do things for me. I make him buy expensive things for me and sometimes I let him sniff my panties. I call him names and laugh when he begs me to hang out with him. He buys me sexy panties and bikinis and pleads with me to try them on in front of him. Sometimes I do it just to keep him going. I tell him what a loser he is and he only gets more turned on. My uncle helped me become the spoiled Dom that I am today! Do you want to smell my dirty panties?


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke