Dirty Toilet Fun – do you like to hear me on the toilet?

Dirty Toilet Fun – he asked me if I had a nice shit yet today. It was in the morning and I actually hadn’t. I typically drop my load after a nice cup of strong black coffee, and I was just finishing it when we were talking.

“Would you let me listen while you are on the toilet?” He asked. “Um, I guess that would be ok,” I responded. I mean, why not. I walked into the bathroom while we talked. I pulled down my panties and sat on the seat. He asked me what I ate the night before and I told him I had a big salad. lots of roughage. He seemed pleased.

As I sat on the toilet, I peed a bit. he told me to relax and take my time. He said I should take interest in my shit and not to rush it. I relaxed and closed my eyes. The first log plopped out. Then another. I put the phone down so he could listen. It was fascinating to hear someone so pleased with my poop. I peed a little more.

“Just sit there a little longer, Sara.” “Do you think you have a little more?” I was getting a bit turned on. How hot was it that I was sitting on the toilet, shitting while a guy listened and was interested!

I started to touch my pussy as I closed my eyes. I felt the sensation of one more small shot come out. He wanted me to get off the bowl and look at what came out of me. I described the logs and the smell. He was very happy with the outcome! Of course, he was my human toilet paper and ended with a great thorough rim job!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke