Everyone knows that the family that spanks together, stays together. Check out this dirty Thanksgiving story! 😈

Of course, a dirty Thanksgiving story probably isn’t what you’d think about. After all, this is a family holiday. But then again, since I’ve had oh-so-many taboo encounters during our family get-togethers, I just had to write about one of my favorites! Are you ready, my sexy reader? Here we go!

Well fuck, I’m in trouble again. Not only did my mother figure out what I’d been up to, but now the entire family will discover it too!

One thing was certain, it was about to be a family celebration that none of us would ever forget! Thanksgiving has always been one of my fave holidays. But after what happened this time, I can’t think about “Turkey Day” without remembering how good it feels to “keep it all in the family,” so to speak!

Whether I’m getting it or giving it, writing about my hot incest experiences through hardcore sex stories like these make me want to grind myself on the powerful, vibrating dildo that’s currently buried deep inside my juicy cunt as I write this. So very distracting, but definitely worth it!

  Mmm yes, it’s true, I’m blogging this dirty Thanksgiving story while throbbing to the beat of my favorite sex toy. Talk about SIN-spiration! 👅

Anyway, it was another holiday family dinner and we’d just finished dessert. After delicately dabbing her lips with a napkin, she cocked a glance at me and my older brother Chase. “You two have been incredibly wicked, especially young Angel here.” After pushing her chair back from the table, she patted her lap. “Come here, bad girl.”

I gulped and closed my eyes. Oh shit, I’m in trouble now, I thought to myself. As my mouth fell open in shock, I froze in place for a long moment. Indeed, I felt a little like a deer frozen in headlights! Nevertheless, I found myself rising from my seat. I slowly came to stand before her. “Um, w-what do you mean, Mama?”

Glancing around the room, I was acutely aware of the entire family staring at us. Daddy and Grandpa had knowing smiles on their faces while my brothers and sisters grinned in anticipation. Looking confused, my assorted relatives just watched the scene unfold.

My mother purred, “You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, Little Miss Angel. Pull down those panties and get over my knee … RIGHT now.”

Omfg. As I stared beseechingly at my father, I saw that I would get zero sympathies from him. Even more, I could tell by his expression that he wasn’t a bit surprised by Mama’s demands. Staring back at me with a predatory gleam in his eyes, he growled, “You heard your mother. Do it. NOW.”

“Oh God, Daddy, do I have to?” I groaned desperately, my face on fire. Meanwhile, I heard one of my cousins snicker aloud at my predicament. Dammit!

My mother snapped, “Don’t make me tell you twice, daughter. Over my knee. NOW!”

In other words, she really meant business. As everyone watched avidly, I raised my skirt and …

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