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He watches as I get pounded by man after man every day. Sometimes I even have multiple men in the room, fucking all of my holes and filling me up with their delicious creamy cum. I love to feel that gooey goodness all over my bare skin.

My sissy cuckold husband loves to lick all of that deliciousness off of me, then slowly move down my body to between my thighs. I always pull his head down so that he can get in deeper while licking up my pussy juices and cum.

As he laps up my pussy juices, I squirm and moan in pleasure, about to squirt all over his sissy face!

My body tenses up, and I arch my back. I squirt my pussy juices all over my sissy cuckold husband’s face. He looks up at me, gives me the biggest smile ever, and thanks me for allowing him a taste of the good life.

As he thanked me, one of the men who fucked my ass decided to stick his enormous cock inside of his mouth. I laughed as I watched my sissy cuckold husband choke and gag on that enormous dick. It was delightful as tears of submissive joy ran down his cheeks.

He mumbled, “Thank you,” as the cock thrust deeper into his throat.

Another guy with a big black cock couldn’t wait anymore either. He grabbed onto his hips and forced his ass up in the air. He tapped the head of his massive cock on the entrance to my sissy cuckold husband’s ass. My husband whimpered as the big black cock entered him roughly.

I watched as his cock thrust in and out of his sissy hole. The one in his mouth pulsated before erupting down his throat and all over his face. He swallowed the cum and licked his lips, begging for more.

I grabbed my lipstick as my cuckold husband showed his true sissy colors. Then, I opened it up and wrote the word slut on his forehead. He whimpered as the big black cock pounded him harder, about to unload in his ass. I knelt down to look him in his pathetic face.

“Aww, look at my pathetic cuck of a husband! I think you deserve even more cock,” I teased. Finally, I got up and put on my 10-inch strap-on. His eyes widened as I forced my cock into his cum-filled mouth. He moaned and groaned as we spit-roasted him.

After a while of torturing him with my monstrous cock, I pull out. The big black cock walks over to his face and lets loose a massive cum load. My sissy cuckold husband’s face was coated! When we finish, my stud friends and I head out and leave my pathetic excuse of a husband on the floor, cum dripping all over his used-up body.

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