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Walking into the elevator about a week ago I ran into the new tenant from the apartment right above me. Looking him up and down was an automatic reaction to his broad shoulders and thick legs. Taking every bit of my self-control I did not grab him to see how big his cock was. Flirting with my eyes instead and introducing myself was the wiser choice for the best phone sex possible.

Making sure my neighbor was aware of my interest so I could fuck him in real life instead of in my head. I told the new resident my apartment number and told him to pop in soon. Licking his plump lips and telling me that was a date completely made my day. Leaving my keys in my door later that evening was the plan, and I couldn’t wait.

Sending a nasty text message sealed the deal with the new guy for sure. Leading that tight body into my place with his cock hard and drawn, his body collided into mine for hours. I’m going to like having cock served up hot with the push of a button. Cock Sucking a main dish like that will never run cold, or get old for me. My signature GFE Phone Sex will keep him coming back for as much as I can handle.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke