Dirty Sex Stories: Barely Legal Girls Get Down At The Rest Stop!

Dirty Sex Stories can take place anywhere. This one just so happens to take place at a naughty Rest stop! It’s late, there’s no one around for miles, and you have to stop to stretch your legs. You notice that there are some vending machines inside the building, but there’s something that gives you an eerie feeling about it, maybe it’s the flickering light. Or the feeling that you’re not alone.

Against your better judgment, you decide to go inside, not noticing that you have been followed…

You hear the door open and notice me, a beautiful blonde walking into the room… You try not to stare at how skimpy I’m dressed, and focus on the vending machine. Seeing that I’m totally like your typical college girls. Hearing my heels clacking across the room sending chills up your spine as you watch me. I know how nervous you are. You’re not even noticing that I locked the door behind me, taking the key.

Tonight I’m on the prowl, and you’re the unfortunate guy, who gets to be a part of my game. I grab you from behind, wrapping my hand around your neck, and I drag you to the supply closet… You notice that there’s a bed… and candles lit everywhere. Something’s not right. You start to panic when you see me start to get undressed, but wonder what harm a beautiful girl could do. So, you start to get into it. You quickly take off your shirt and pants, telling me that you will do what I want.

Until you see me turn around. Till you see the surprise I have in store for you…

Come find out what super naughty thing I have in store to catch you off guard! I know you can’t wait to have some amazing super naughty fun with me! Let’s get started on our own version of all of these super naughty dirty sex stories, dude!

Let’s have Phone Sex!!