You can’t get enough of my dirty sex stories.  Here is part two of my hero fireman firebug

You gotta here the rest of one of my favorite dirty sex stories.  It started with being saved from my burning car by a rugged and very sexy firefighter.  I had a feeling he’d be great for making some crazy sex stories.  I really had no idea…

“You have arrived at your destination” my GPS was telling me, but where the fuck was I?  The coordinates he had given me was just a desolate spot on a dusty road in the middle of nowhere.  I looked around me, scanning for any signs of life.  Then, just ahead of me I saw an almost completely overgrown driveway.  I crept my car forward and turned down the grassy lane.  After a moment, I could see a red pickup next to an old barn.  As I got closer, I could see him leaning against the driver side door smiling at me.

Then, I got out of the car and assessed my surroundings.  The barn was more than old, it was dilapidated and run down.  Parts of the roof had fallen in.   There were big holes dry rotted into the siding.  Why the hell am I here? I had to ask myself.  He strutted over, and the way he looked in his white t-shirt and blue jeans completely distracted me.  It was starting to get dark.  The sun had already set and stars were just beginning to appear in the sky.  He pulled me into the barn and there were several gas cans sitting just inside the door and the whole place reeked of it.  He pulled me close and kissed me roughly.

I felt woozy.  I wasn’t sure if it was from his lips on mine or the gasoline fumes that were hanging in the air.

Then, He pulled away from me and pulled a small box of matches out of his pocket.  He held them in front of his face and pulled one out and struck it against the side of the box.  As the tip of the match lit and the flame swelled he let out an audible moan.  He gazed at it with hunger in his eyes a moment before he flicked it.  It landed on the ground with a whoosh and a large damp trail of fuel blazed to life.  Then, he quickly pulled me back out the door as the whole structure became engulfed.  His lips met mine in a passionate kiss, and he pulled me in close.  again I could feel his throbbing cock against me in his pants.

Then, he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to my knees as he began to undo his pants.  I opened my mouth to protest, but he took advantage and pushed his rock hard dick past my lips.  I could feel the blistering heat rolling off the roaring fire behind me.  Obviously, he knew what he was doing, being a fireman and all.  Obviously, I trusted my hero.  So I closed my eyes and sucked him long and deep.  Then, I remembered the number of gas cans that had been sitting by the door just as there was a loud boom behind me and the heat on my back grew hotter.  The moment the explosion went off he buried his cock in my mouth and started cumming down my throat.

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