Dirty Sex Stories can get crazy!!  

I love dirty sex stories, but this one gets extra nasty.  I went on a date with this guy Peter. He was funny and smart, our date was perfect.  I went back to his place with him and we continued to drink and chat. Peter was very attractive and had the greatest smile.  My heart started beating fast when he kissed me, his tongue moved in ways I had never felt in my mouth before.

Peter reached under my dress and started rubbing my pussy lips through my panties and I’m sure I soaked through them by the time his hand reached under them!!  He slowly separated my lips and started gently caressing my firm clit while he moved down and pulled my tits out of my dress. He licked and sucked on my pink nipples and shoved his fingers deep inside my pussy until I squirted all over his hand.  Peter pulled my panties off and licked up and down my slit with his skilled tongue.

I knew this would be a kinky sex story, not one of those dirty sex stories…

I didn’t even mind when he started eating my ass.  He pushed his tongue deep into my shithole while his fingers milked my soaked little pussy.  Before I had time to say anything, Peter got on his knees and shoved his cock deep into my tight, wet little ass.  He spread my asshole wide open and fucked me like I was a nasty little whore.

He was so big, I couldn’t control when I shit all over his cock.  I was so embarrassed, mortified, even until Peter pulled out and started licking my asshole clean.  I was a little weirded out at first, but it felt so good I let him be my little shiteater. He had me ride his face and rub my shit covered ass all over him.  Peter ate every morsel of shit on my ass, then begged for me to give him a drink of my piss. I loved feeling power over him as I pissed all over his face. He quickly started devouring my pussy begging to taste every last bit of me.  

Friends and I have talked about dirty sex stories like this, but I never thought I would fuck such a nasty man!

Next thing I know, he slid me down his body so he could watch me fuck his shit-covered cock with my ass again.  This was so new and felt so wrong, that I suddenly squirted all over his balls while he pounded my ass. Suddenly, Peter grabbed my hips and started pushing his cock into my shithole so hard we were bouncing off the bed.  With the last slam of his dick, I felt him pull me further on his dick while his cock pumped into my ass.

Peter became my nasty little potty pal from that night on.  I have had a lot of sketchy sex before, but Peter is the only man I have such dirty sex stories with.  

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