Dirty Sex Stories: The Mystery Of The Wet Spot On His Aunt’s Couch

Dirty sex stories! Love them, don’t you? So, here’s a little dirty story about my boyfriend and myself. And how we made a little mess on his aunt’s couch.

It’s the first time I am going to visit his family with him. And I am nervous as all hell. I decide to wear a cute little sundress and wedge heels to look innocent in front of them. I just want them to like me.

We arrive at about 6 pm and walk inside the house. My boyfriend’s sister greets us with hugs and smiles. She then walks us to the dining room where my boyfriend, his sister, his aunt, his grandfather, and I all sit for dinner. It was a nice dinner and I was no longer nervous.

After dinner, we all head to the living room to watch a movie. My man’s sister suggests a family movie like Coco and we all sit down and get comfortable. I sit on the couch with my guy under a throw blanket. He snuggles up to me and kisses me on the cheek.

About 20 minutes in, I feel my boyfriend’s hand on my thigh

I look at him and smile and feel his hand creeping up my thigh a little more. I stare straight ahead and feel his fingers pull my panties to the side. My pussy lips pop right out and then I feel two fingers enter my pussy. I bite my lip as he starts to move in and out of my cunt.

The movie was loud so no one could hear the squishing of my wet pussy. And before too long I could feel myself about to burst. I knew I was going to squirt and couldn’t hold it inside. My boyfriend starts going faster and faster and finally I let out a little gasp that no one heard.

I came onto the blue couch… and couldn’t help myself. We sat there the rest of the movie in my wet spot and I tried to use my dress to pat dry. But, it still left a little wetness. We got out of there quickly after the movie… I was so embarrassed but my guy just laughed.

Wow, I can’t believe I got finger fucked in a room full of his family… and I wonder if they ever saw the wet spot.

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