Dirty sex stories getting down and nasty.

Dirty sex stories. Micheal was really sick with the stomach flu. During the 3 days, he was down for the count he spent more time in the bathroom than anywhere else. One of those days I was brushing my teeth as I was getting ready for work. Michael came barging in, pants already down around his ankles.

I don’t think he even sat down before diarrhea came squirting out.

Now begins the dirty sex stories. Knowing I haven’t tasted him cum in about a week, I stepped between his legs. Pushing his knees apart with my knees I slid down between. The aroma of his poop filled the air as I grabbed his cock and began to lick.

Catching him off guard he wasn’t even hard.

Licking the head of it working my way down the shaft and on to the balls, Harder and bigger his cock got. Licking my way back up to the head and placing my lips upon it I sucked every inch of that 9″ cock. Deep-throating it like a pro he grabbed a handful of my hair and controlled my head. Up and down I went. Gagging on his cock but taking it. I was not going to stop until he came in my mouth. I was craving his cum. The sounds of his farting and diarrhea hitting the toilet were enough to make this one of the dirty sex stories.

I made it through the smell and sucked every drop of cum out of his cock.

For anyone wondering, this is a real thing. The technical term is called a blumpkin. so next time you are in the bathroom taking a shit and want a blowjob you can ask your girl for a blumpkin. There are so many sexual fetishes you can read about on my blog page. There are so many taboo topics we can talk about on my phone sex hotline.

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