Dirty Sex Stories – I Have A Kink For Guys That Love To Fuck Me Til’ It Stinks

Dirty sex stories. You heard that right-I LOVE a guy that has absolutely no boundaries! And by that, I mean a guy who loves the nastiest stinkiest side of sex. I love sweaty dirty wet sex with my boyfriend. I want to do the same while having adult chat with you. He’s my favorite because he doesn’t hold back his fetishes with me. He loves shoving his tongue so deep in my hole until I beg for his cock. He loves my pussy cream and my sweet fuck hole as he likes to call it.

I love how he spits on my pussy before he fucks me, stinking like a mechanic from working all day in the factory. He rips his dirty clothes off and practically tears whatever I have on off. Bends me over and slams his cock into me harder than anything I’ve ever felt. I can’t wait for him to get home so I can let him blow a fat load into my dirty little hole.

The Best dirty sex stories involve those guys that will do anything…

By anything I mean literally, anything. I honestly don’t find myself wanting to go the extra mile for guys that don’t want to do certain things. But that’s beside the point, to each his own, I know I need some dirty sex to really satisfy ME. I love when I’ve been walking for miles and come home to my man with my panties soaked with sweat and pussy cream, and he just rips them off and fucks me with no abandon.

Once my boyfriend and I designated a certain bed or area on the couch for fucking. We would always go back to that same spot and desecrate it without cum over and over again. I recall breaking backboards and wearing away at the wood floor beneath my bed frame from having so much rough sex. Those are the best kind of sex and my some of my favorite kind of sex to have when I phone fuck.

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