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Robert and I had a great sexual relationship. He knew exactly how to please me and I knew exactly how to please him. I knew how much he loved to eat my pussy for breakfast, so I always woke him up to what he wanted. Robert knew how much I loved to have hair pulled and throat choked when we fucked, so after his breakfast, he fucked me like the naughty little whore that I was. Things were fun between us, but never over the top, until one day.

My friend Adam came over to visit. Adam was a bit shy but I could usually bring out the fun side of him. We all drank a bit and played a few games that night. I started to feel super horny but I wanted to try something different. Since Adam was there I wanted to see how far I could push him. Robert and I were sitting on the couch and Adam was across from us in a chair. I turned to Robert and smiled. Then I unzipped his pants and started sucking his dick while Adam watched in shock. A few moments later I stood up and grabbed Adam by the hand, leading him over to Robert.

I pushed him down to his knees and forced his face on Robert’s dick!

Suck it, you little bitch! I know you want to. Robert was surprised while entertained at the same time. Adam shoved all eight inches down his throat like it was nothing. He was a fucking pro and I had no idea. As he was sucking, I stripped naked and straddled Robert with Adam’s face to my ass. Lick it, faggot! I told him as I slid Robert’s dick in my pussy. Lick my ass and suck his balls while I fuck him you little pervert. I talked shit to him the entire time, and like a good little bitch, he did everything he was told.

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