A Dirty School Girl Is Every Man’s Weakness

Going to a private school meant one thing, it meant a sexy school uniform. Well, I made it sexy. I would fold the skirt up and made sure I would wear a bra that was a crazy neon color. I didn’t even care to get in trouble. I was a dirty school girl and I loved looking sexy in my uniform. I also loved something else, I loved meeting strangers and fucking them.

Signing up for dating apps was my hobby. Meeting all the older men in them was a thrill. One night I met one, and he quickly became infatuated with me. He wants it to meet me so bad that soon after our first online conversation he booked a hotel, gave me the room number and was ready for me. I had quite the surprise for him, though. I pretended to be older than I was but when I got there wearing my schoolgirl uniform they gave in even though they knew it wasn’t a good idea.

I walked into the hotel door and his jaw dropped. A dirty school girl in full attire. I sat on the bed as he tried to make an excuse to leave, saying how wrong this was. I put my legs up on the bed, spreading them open too, and my little school girl raised up. My bare smooth teen pussy was the only view he needed to give into me. I started rubbing my cunt. It felt so fucking good. Teasing him till he crawled to me and started eating my young pussy as I was sitting on the edge of the bed.

He fucked me so good after that and when he was ready to cum I made sure to scream my real age, and that did it for him.

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