Dirty Santa Loves Anna’s Christmas Carols

Santa always wants us to have a Jolly ole time! Have a good laugh and get on Santa’s Naughty list for sure, by singing these Dirty Christmas Diddies around your work place!

Cock & Balls

( to the tune of Jingle bells)

Cock & Balls, Cock & Balls

Balls are FULL of CUM

Oh what fun it is to Jerk

So BEAT IT like a drum!


(Frosty The Snow man)

Frosty The Snow BITCH

was an unhappy ole gal

She would check your phone & wreck

your bone

That’s why you need Phone Sex NOW

Frosty The Snow Bitch

Is sure to cuss you out

She won’t suck dick cause it makes her sick

But She will let you eat her out!

(giggle* You know I’m right)

Rudolph the Big Blue Dildo

(Rudolph the red nose reindeer)

Rudolph the Big Blue Dildo

Had a very strong battery

and if you ever used it

You can sing soprano Like me

All of My Other Dildo’s

Didn’t hold a candle to Blue

That fucker was 9 inches

and it buzzed my pussy just right too!

Then one winter morning

A caller rang me up

He Said ” Get Get Blue, Cause I wanna Fuck you!”

And I tore that fucker up!

Now a Sad, Sad Anna

Had to throw blue away

When I did, I Cried I just hoped the batteries Died

I hope Santa brings a new one Some DAY!

(* cries* True Story, please help Santa)

Out at The Strip Club

(Up on the Housetop)

Out at the strip club, Dancers Pause,

Here comes the feature, Tiny drawers

she is a midget with triple d’s

She doesn’t even have to get on her knees

Oh ho ho! look at Tiny go

Oh Ho ho! Tiny stole the show

Out at the strip club suck suck SUCK

Little Tiny drawers is the best Midget FUCK!

HAHA! I hope you and Santa Loved my naughty Christmas Carols. After All, there’s nothing better than a DIRTY Santa!

I love writing naughty poetry, and sex period so why not combine the 2. If you have any of your own dirty little tree trimmed tune, I would love for you to share it with me.

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