My Perverted Brother Spies On Me

A night at my house consisted of my brother and I doing whatever we wanted. Our mom worked till late so we would fend for ourselves and we didn’t mind it at all. That was just perfect for me since I just loved running around in my panties and bra. Here in Texas, it’s always hot so I loved strutting my stuff. The only thing a bit annoying was my perverted brother and all the looks he would give me. But, I didn’t mind them too much until I caught him spying on me.

My nighttime routine consisted of removing my makeup, brushing my teeth, you know, the usual. That night was no different except I ended up leaving the door open since my brother was out. The hallway was dark as I started to put my hair up to wash my face. I closed my eyes and splashed some warm water on my face and when I came up and opened them again I heard something. There was a bit moaning coming from the hallway. I decided to just keep whatever I was doing and not pay attention to it.

The moaning became louder as if it was coming towards me. From the corner of my eyes, I saw something I never thought I would. My brother was stroking his cock. He didn’t think I would notice and I didn’t want him to know I actually did. His moaning was actually super sexy. As I started brushing my teeth I bent over the sink a bit more. Showing off my ass in my tight pink panties. I wiggled even a bit more than usual.

As I heard one last moan of release I started to make my exit to the hallway. I turned the light and my brother wasn’t there. What I did find was a creamy puddle of his cum on our hardwood floors.

Are You As Perverted As My Brother?
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